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Make alt for pictures automatically to boost your website’s SEO

Using make your website easy to use and show up to search engines! This smart tool uses Ai technology to describe the picture in a better way so that everyone can understand it. In the digital world, we find images everywhere and on every website. Images better describe our website’s purpose and also content. We do not take easily an image’s description. Learn how AItText.Ai helps to make better image descriptions for your website easier to find on search engines.

In this article, we learn about what AIt Text.Ai can do and how it gives neat examples of described pictures.

Boost SEO without lifting a finger!

Can AI Do Alt Text?

The simple answer is “Absolutely Yes” and AIt Text.Ai is going to prove it. AIt Text means “alternative text” which is an explanation of images on a webpage. This description is vital for people who can’t see well. It is specially designed for computer programs to tell them where are pictures are. AltText.AI applies smart computer stuff (AI) to make these descriptions for pictures automatically. This helps everyone understand what’s on the web page, making it better for everyone.

Understanding Alt Text: What It Means:

Alt text is a brief but concise description of what’s in a photograph. Some pictures are too complicated to understand how to describe and what is inside. However, AltText.AI ensures that images on websites are understandable to all users.

How Alt Text.Ai Creates Alt Text:

It uses super cool smart computer technology (artificial intelligence) to make different types of pictures in depth. It seems to examine images very closely and use math (algorithms) to determine what’s inside. After that, it tells us by writing what things are and what it is doing. This quick process gets our work done quickly and is also very accurate.

Alt Text.Ai Examples:

Here are some samples of how AltText.AI can convert photographs into meaningful alt text:

  • Image: a couple is kissing
  • Alt Text: a moody wedding photo of a bride and groom kissing in the Boston woods.
  • Image: A red rose in full bloom
  • Alt Text: a beautiful red rose in full bloom, showing off all velvet petals.

Making Websites More User-Friendly and Search Engine-Friendly:

This not only helps people but also makes it easier for websites as search engine needs to understand image which is sometimes complicated for human. You may access all of’s functionality through the web interface, making it available wherever you manage your business.

Automatically add the names of your brand and products to your alt text.

Let’s meet Alt Text.Ai plans and features:

  • Lifetime Access to Alt Text.Ai
  • Simple plan selection no codes, or stacking
  • Try it once, you will love all plans (License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3), and all are reasonable.
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between the 3 license tiers

There are also some important features that are included in all plans like SEO keywords into alt text, all current and future e-commerce integrations (WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Contentful, and Hygraph).

Include in any process using the web, API, and CMS plug-ins.


In addition, Alt Text.Ai tools work together with your creative tools like Writecream to help you improve your writing. Both applications make your website more user-friendly and also high-ranking. AltText.AI’s AI-generated alt text simplifies the process of ensuring that everyone can understand and enjoy picture content.

As we near the end of our journey into the fantastic world of “,” it’s evident that this advanced solution is making a significant difference in web accessibility, SEO optimization, and content creation. is quickly becoming a valuable resource thanks to AI. It makes graphics easier to grasp for people who can’t see well, and it also makes webpages easier to search.

Accept AltText.AI’s capabilities and proceed on a path toward a more inclusive and discoverable digital world.

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