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The process of creating an Android app is growing more difficult. Regardless of how simple the concept is, it always ends up costing the developer a lot of money.

What if I told you that there’s a platform that can assist you in creating mobile apps not just for yourself, but also for your whole team?

hey; It’s now easy to create and deploy your own app in minutes without having to code.

Check out Appily App Builder

Hello, Anamul is here; I’ll go through Appily App Builder Appsumo Deal with you-No technical chops are required to create, deploy, and update your iOS or Android app.

Appily App Builder Overview

Appily App Builder gives you access to real-time updates, push notifications, analytics, and white labeling without requiring any code.

In a nutshell, it’s a no-code app development platform where you may do anything you want. With your applications.

With Appily App Builder, you may create responsive applications from no-code templates geared for eCommerce, online learning, event planning, and other industries.

You may modify design components and see modifications as you make them using the built-in previewer.

When you make changes to your published app, it will automatically update on all devices, so you won’t have to submit updates to the App Store.

You can quickly monetize your app, run advertisements, and add all kinds of fantastic options using this platform’s plethora of integrations.


Enjoy automatic app updates across all devices and create no-code apps that work with any device.

Appily App Builder enables you to develop, schedule, and deliver unlimited push notifications to keep your users engaged and interested.

Send your users real-time product information, reminders, and other important news straight to their phones.

You may also choose certain audiences to which you’d like to send push notifications, with the option to deliver them to all users, specific gadgets, or custom groups.


By using a marketing automation app, businesses can send unlimited push notifications straight from the app dashboard to keep clients and consumers informed.

Using a built-in analytics tracker, you may get automated updates on features and app performance without having to worry about any third-party code!

To improve your monitoring, look at metrics like total installations or user numbers for every app you handle and apply them to your strategy.

You may also dig more deeply into data on individual app components to learn how effectively each aspect of your software is connecting with users.


Easily stay up to date on vital data like installations, visits, and feature performance.

The ability to build branded dashboards with custom domains using Appily App Builder’s white-labeling is simple.

By providing a branded platform where clients can edit and manage apps, send push notifications, and monitor metrics, you may increase brand recognition and trust.

Stay in touch with the platform’s built-in instant messenger tool, whether you’re communicating with clients or keeping teams in sync.


White-labeling enables customers to create their own customized applications and share them with other users.

When you can’t code, it is a helpless feeling knowing that devs are working on their apps without any updates or assistance from yourself. You feel like this project will never be finished because there’s no one around who understands what they’re doing!

The Appily App Builder allows you to seize control of your project, with an all-in-one, white-label, and code-free platform for creating apps that your clients will love.

Bring your app ideas to fruition.

Get lifetime access to Appily App Builder now!

Appily App Builder Pricing Plans

Are you looking for a fantastic mobile app builder? It’s better if you use Appily App Builder, which is a less expensive and more do-it-yourself option.

It has five different pricing plans:

Starter Plan $17/month:

  • iOS, Android & WebApp
  • DIY solution
  • Multi-language enabled
  • Built-in Previewer for App Testing
  • No App download limits or restrictions
  • .Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Use Appily’s AdMob
  • They Publish Apps under Your Developer Accounts

Professional Plan $27/month:

  • Everything Starter Plan
  • Advanced PROFESSIONAL features
  • Developer Plan $37/mo:
  • .Everything Professional Plan
  • The complete MOBILE package
  • Xcode & Android Studio Integration
  • App Source Codes

Enterprise Plan $57/month:

  • Everything Developer Plan
  • A complete ENTERPRISE solution
  • 10 Apps for iOS, Android & WebApp

Click here to get a free 14-day trial.

Or, Get Appily App Builder Appsumo Plan for $79.00.

appsomo discount

Appily App Builder Appsumo Deal Plan [$79]

With it, you may have full control over your power with an all-in-one answer.

You may also create marketing apps with Appily App Builder, a no-code white-label platform.


  • Lifetime access to Appily App Builder Enterprise Plan
  • Everything Enterprise Plan Features
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 native apps for ios & Android
  • .Unlimited traffic
  • White labeling and custom branding

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Final Word

Let’s get down to business. You can develop professional applications for your clients and yourself using Appily App Builder, according to the app builder’s features and facilities.

You can track everything in real-time and make adjustments without writing a single line of code with this method.

Customers may easily maintain and modify their apps, as well as access real-time performance data.

So, What are you waiting for?

Get Appily App Builder Appsumo Deal Plan Now.

Try it now, AppSumo Has 60 days of Money-back Guaranty without any question asked.

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