Baseline Best Appsumo Deal [$69] Alternative: Canva 2022

However, the process of generating a brand guide is quite challenging for many businesses.

What if there’s a product that meets all of your branding needs, and it’s available now?

It’s Baseline.

Hello, Anamul here; I’ll go through the Appsumo Lifetime Deal-The program that allows you to quickly design brand guidelines, logos, colors, and typefaces.

Baseline Appsumo – Create Brand Guides & Design Assets

Baseline is a brand guide design and management tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of brand guides and design assets.

With ease, it allows you to stay on brand at all times.

You may design your own brand guide using Baseline to help your staff develop assets that always represent the company.

You only need a logo to get started. And you may use the Logo Maker to generate a new logo in a few minutes.

You can also personalize the font and type scale to create a brand palette with colors and gradients and modify the logo color.

It’s simple to copy and paste color and typography values and CSS variables and apply them uniformly to any business.


Create a color palette, logo designs, and typefaces for your brand-plus, CSS code per element!

Baseline continuously applies your brand standards to numerous digital templates, so you may produce branded content more quickly.

You can discover social media post templates, such as Instagram stories, Facebook banners, Twitter banners, YouTube thumbnails, and LinkedIn posts.

Plus, You can use this tool to develop your own templates and store them for future projects!


You may use a variety of social media layouts that suit your brand perfectly as if they were made for you.

Explore the user-friendly design editor, which is jam-packed with useful tools to assist you in customizing templates.

You may also use the integrated picture library or upload your own photos and vectors. You can even remove any image’s background in a single step.

Making your content stand out is simple with these tools. You can easily change colors, apply branded color filters, and add text effects to make your material sing!


The simple-to-use design editor allows you to customize templates to match your company’s aesthetic.

Do you have trouble keeping track of various brands? You may find assets for each one from Baseline’s well-organized dashboard.

Agencies may build brand portfolios for each client that are distinct from one another, and it’s simple for in-house teams to create materials for the many items they offer.

Plus, You can mix and match designs from different brands on the platform to reuse them.


Manage all your client/product branding and regulations from a single dashboard.

Without a brand guide, one of your team members will inevitably produce something that doesn’t meet the expectations. (So, lime green with a bright pink hue was a bold move.…”)

Baseline is a creative, on-brand asset design tool that creates assets with an auto-generated brand guide and configurable templates.

Create high-quality, branded content quicker than ever.

Get lifetime access to Baseline today!

Baseline Subscription Plans

Baseline is all about brands: it’s easier and more straightforward to develop top-notch brands and content.

There are three pricing plans to choose from:

Solo, Professional, and Business.

Solo Plan $19/month:

  • 1 Brand
  • 1 Brand Guide
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free Norde Pro
  • Public Brand Guide
  • .Tone of Voice
  • Remove Baseline Branding
  • And more

Professional Plan $39/month:

  • Everything Solo Plan Features
  • 5 Brands
  • 5 Brand Guides

Business Plan $149/month:

  • Everything Solo Plan Features
  • 30 Brands
  • 30 Brand Guides
  • 1-hour onboarding call

Click here to try the service for free with no credit card required.

Or, Get Baseline Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only For $69.00.

appsomo discount

Baseline Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]

Using Baseline, you can create assets that are always on-brand with an automated generated brand guide.

It also gives you a variety of ready-to-use premium templates that you can simply personalize with your content.


  • Lifetime access to Baseline Professional Plan
  • Everything Professional Plan Features
  • 5 brands
  • 5 brand guides
  • Unlimited designs per month
  • Unlimited downloads

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Final Word

When you’re in the design industry, it can be easy to get caught up with going “the extra mile” and not realize when something is just another task on your list. Take time before committing yourself so heavily that these additional things will become overwhelming for business owners/managers and employees who already have their hands at work!

Take these brand and asset recommendations into account, and you’ll see that spending more time and effort on developing your brand standards will actually save you time in the long run.

What are you waiting for?

Get Baseline Appsumo Lifetime Deal Now.

Try it now, AppSumo Has 60 days of Money-back Guaranty without any question asked.

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