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Don’t you hate it when you go looking for a video and can’t seem to find it? Do you even remember if you uploaded it? Do you want to share it with a friend or put it on your site? Do you wish to include user-generated content in your media projects?

The Enterprise Basic Plan from Burst makes it simple to upload, store, organize, and share your video and photograph files.

You can quickly create and arrange information in a way that makes sense to you and your company using Burst. You can delete old videos, change the sequence of a playlist, transfer or duplicate media from one album to another, and more.

Furthermore, Burst allows you to share your information with others! Account members may look through the library themselves, create links to share it, or embed content on a webpage simply by pasting an embed code.

Check out our demo video here!

With your lifetime access to Burst, you’ll be able to upload, categorize, and share your media easily!

You Can Quickly View What You Will Get From This.

  • With your lifetime access to the Enterprise Basic Plan, you’ll be able to upload, curate, and share your content easily.
  • In addition to managing your materials, Burst enables you to distribute them with minimal effort.
  • Your team’s media and metadata will be stored in the cloud, giving you fast access to a unified location for all of your team’s content.
  • The Most Trusted UGC Platform for Broadcasters | Publishers | Brands


  • Burst4
  • Burst 5
  • Burst 3
  • Burst 2

Burst Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$0.0]


  • Lifetime access to Burst – Video CMS & UGC Platform Plan
  • Media Content Management
  • Video Uploading & Storage
  • User-Generated Content Acquisition
  • Group, Curate, and Organize Media
  • Find and share videos with ease

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