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If you’re a small business owner with an email marketing campaign, there is one thing that can make or break your company: delivering emails. And the best way to ensure this happens regularly in real-time? Monitoring reports on domain security through constant surveillance from our monitoring platform! We’ve got eyes and ears everywhere—all we need now are some hands-on workers who will do what it takes so nobody walks away empty-handed after seeing their inboxes were targeted by scammers again last week alone.

Get it done with DMARC Report.

What is DMARC Report?

DMARC reports provide a wealth of information to help you better understand the state and status of your email domains. With an easy-to-use interface, this report protects against fraud while also giving enterprise-level reporting on deliverability with deep insights into SEO trends over time!

With DMARC Report, you can easily monitor email configurations for suspicious activity and stop non-compliant emails before they hit inboxes. This high-volume tool guarantees multiple domains of your clients or business while providing robust analytics from the intuitive dashboard that protects outbound mail as well! You may also leverage strong filters policies in order to protect yourself against any unwanted messages such as spamming/phishing etc., making this product an excellent investment indeed – one worth having without question


With the corporate-level analytics in the reporting dashboard, you may keep track of numerous domains.

DMARC Reports automatically generates aggregate and forensic data reports that track any DMARC failures for your domains. If suspicious activity is detected, then this report will send threat alert notifications to email addresses in need of information so they can take action quickly! With full control over team management, you have the ability to configure different types of reports according to specific teams or stakeholders which ensures everyone’s safety requires attention when necessary – don’t wait another day without protection from these kinds of risks today by installing our product now.


Examine any DMARC failures, as well as the underlying email data, in a human-readable format.

DMARC Report offers a handy tool to help you identify which DKIM records are sending emails on behalf of those domains. Just set up timed updates or automatic alerts so that your mail stays secure attribution won’t be interrupted, even if new subdomains show up! You can also leverage the Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security (MTA – STS) protocol, which encrypts incoming messages before they’re delivered into one’s inboxes–a must for any serious business professional who wants their sensitive correspondence protected from hackers looking into their organization’.


Simply view the domain summary page for each DKIM record to see when messages have been sent.

DMARC reports allow you to build custom data portals for your clients so they can see the information on their own. Add in logos and domains of choice, then resell this platform with added benefits like being able to monitor new sending sources—all from a single web-based application!


The Timeline keeps track of domain activity, so you’ll always be up to speed on developments and warning signs.

Complete DMARC reporting protects your domains from cyberattacks, including all of them. ( whispers Yes, even “,” for those that were wondering.) With comprehensive DMARC reporting, you can keep any domain safe from hackers—and we mean every single one of them. DMARC Report provides robust reporting

Reduce the time it takes to investigate a security breach.

Get lifetime access to DMARC Report today!

DMARC Pricing Plans

DMARC reporting software for MSPs, services, and companies must keep track of and manage many domains for DMARC compliance.

It offers three pricing plans;

Starter, Standard, and Enterprise

Starter Plan $0/Month:

10,000 Compliant Messages/Month

  • 1 Domain
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Forensic Reports
  • API / Widget Embeds
  • 60 Day Retention

Standard Plan $100/Month:

2 Million Compliant Messages/Month

  • 25 Domains
  • Everything in Starter
  • Whitelabel Domain
  • Groups and Teams
  • MTA-STS Hosting
  • TLS-RPT Reports
  • 90 Day Retention
  • $1 per additional domain

Check out more pricing plans.

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DMARC Report Appsumo onetime deal [$69]

Stop attacks from malware and phishing sites

  • One-Time Purchase of $69.00 instead of $497.00
  • Lifetime access to DMARC Report Business Plan
  • All features above included
  • 25 domains
  • 75,000 emails per month
  • White-label domain
  • White-label interface and reports

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MSPs, hosting providers, and people with a lot of domains know how important it is to use DMARC monitoring to make sure their clients’ emails get to the inbox and to stop unauthorized phishing attacks. But until now, there was no easy way to manage it.

Get the lifetime deal for DMARC Report Appsumo now.

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