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After trying several methods to organize your event, the actual event is a walk in the park..if it includes vicious dinosaurs on the loose. (So the debut day of Jurassic Park did not happen as planned.”)

You’re seeking a platform that allows you to set up a white-labeled event website, sell tickets, and handle event experiences on your day off with simplicity.

Bonus points if it has a CRM and email marketing tools for gathering attendee, sponsor, speaker information, and event activity statistics.

Quickly Read 4 points and Get an idea about EventTitans.

  1. Create a website for your event, sell tickets, and immediately register speakers and sponsors using our platform.
  2. Alternative to: Bizzabo and Cvent
  3. Collect attendee information using the built-in CRM, and use the mobile app to interact with attendees and access event information.
  4. Best for: Event planners who want a one-stop shop for organizing and running their events will appreciate this software.


EventTitans enables you to manage events from start to end, with features like ticketing, video streaming, and physical check-ins.

(You can quickly watch the video to learn about the EventTitans tool.)

EventTitans is a useful tool for event planners since it enables them to handle all elements of their events, from a self-onboarding procedure to event ticketing to customizing registrations.

Visitors may purchase tickets or items from a single location, view event specifics, reserve hotel rooms, and contribute to fundraising efforts.

Create as many ticket kinds with varying levels of access for session management as you need, and establish your own automated cancellation or return policies to save money on administration.

Onsite badge printing will let you simplify the check-in procedure while allowing your visitors to finish a monitored or self-check-in right from the app.

Keep your visitors on the same page; Register Genius is a useful tool for creating a bespoke white-label website for your event.


You may have a white-label custom website with your brand colors in minutes!

Say goodbye to tedious emails as soon as possible. EventTitans automates speaker and sponsor onboarding, allowing sponsors to personalize the appearance of their booths.

You may include your sponsors in a specific page or 3D experience booth, which improves sponsor ROI and retention for future events.

The built-in CRM helps you gather attendee, speaker, and sponsor information so that you can examine guest behavior and identify new business possibilities.

Plus, This platform is powered by AI technology, which may match your consumers and allow them to chat and exchange digital business cards right from the app!


AI technology matches individuals who are attending the function before it even begins, allowing them to converse and network.

You may use live Q&As, polls, and trivia challenges to increase audience involvement while also offering incentives and rewards for more gamification.

Games like Word Search, Spin The Wheel, and photo puzzles can be incorporated to make your company gatherings more enjoyable and engaging.

EventTitans is simple to integrate into any existing ecosystem, no matter what kind of events you promote.

This platform also supports Zapier and over 1,500 API integrations, so you’ll have access to the technologies you require to customize every encounter.


Customize your event management process with the EventTitans platform. It has numerous API connections and configuration choices for every workflow!

EventTitans app is also a useful tool for event planners. It allows you to improve your event plan continuously.

The post-event analysis generates real-time insights into your event’s performance and even lets you measure your overall success.

Attendees can even give speakers a rating, so you’ll know who to invite back the next time.


Attendees can rate presenters to provide you with valuable information about the event.

You’d most likely host more of them if you aren’t burnt out from arranging events.

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EventTitans Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$99]


  • Lifetime access to EventTitans
  •  Everything 3D Experiential Plan Feature
  • 1 active event
  • 1200 attendee credits topped off annually on January 1st
  • 5 users

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Final Word

You can save valuable time and energy by automating ticket sales with one platform to manage your event. The system will also help network with attendees on the fly!

Stand on the shoulders of giants and make your event goals come true.

Try it now; don’t worry; AppSumo offers 60 days of money-back guarantee without any question.

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