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You want your material to be shareable, but your CMS won’t play nicely with other platforms. (It’s like Sid from Toy Story, only all of your belongings are destroyed.)

This means that you’ll need third-party API support to redesign your website or link it with other platforms.

What if you could quickly develop content APIs to exchange and combine assets with anyone, even without writing much code?

Make it happen with Flotiq.

Quickly Read 4 Points And Get An Idea About Flotiq.

  • Use the Jamstack project templates to create content and use shareable API documents, sandboxes, and SDKs.
  • Alternative to: Contentful, Strapi, and Netlify
  • Use the Jamstack project templates to create content and use shareable API documents, sandboxes, and SDKs.
  • Best for: If you’re a developer, designer, or webmaster looking for a CMS to repurpose and integrate digital material with custom APIs, then this is the post for you.


Flotiq is a headless CMS that enables your teams to develop and share content across multiple platforms using auto-generated, compliant APIs.

(You can quickly watch the video to learn about the Flotiq  tool.)

Flotiq enables you to easily and effectively share critical content within your organization, between departments, or on different platforms using an OpenAPI-first CMS.

After you specify your data model or content types, the platform will automatically generate a custom API. This newly-created API then allows you to share your content immediately.

To give your users more control, you can make API keys that define API access within your organization in a few clicks.


Your staff can produce and distribute content worldwide with Flotiq’s auto-generated APIs.

You’ll be able to utilize features like these to distribute content internally and across the web immediately after adding new content types to the system.

Flotiq will create OpenAPI-compliant endpoints and webhooks that work with platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Platform, and Postman as soon as you sign up.

You can simply generate your developers’ API documentation, sandboxes, and SDK code packages.

Your IDE will automatically consolidate all the code, so your developers and content team won’t have to do any extra work.


With Flotiq, you can add functionality to your website beyond what a CMS provides. The code produced by Flotiq allows you to connect with other tools and take CMS capabilities to the next level.

Flotiq is a tool that enables you to produce new content with numerous free starters and boilerplates for Jamstack projects without requiring any additional Coding.

With our wide selection of templates, you can create a blog post, online store, portfolio, event calendar, or iOS/Android app.

With this program, you can easily create and publish detailed forms that automatically update if you change the definition of a content type.

Alternatively, you can build content from scratch if your team is already in the groove.


For a limited time, get access to our library of free content templates that you can publish without editing any code.

The platform provides hosting for content, so users don’t have to rely on outside servers. The modern Jamstack approach has lowered costs while increasing security and accelerating development.

By implementing this super-simple, modern UI for your team, they will be able to access content versioning, advanced search filters, and customizable data views.

With just a few clicks, you can migrate your content over from another CMS in no time.

Your development and content teams may access many capabilities from the user-friendly dashboard.

It’s practically impossible to find a CMS that works perfectly for both your developers and content team. It’s like winning the lottery—twice. (BRB changing my Slack status to “luckiest person in the world.”)

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  • Everything Pro Plan updates
  • 3 users
  • 4M API calls per month
  • 25,000 objects
  • 20 scoped API keys
  • 5 GB file quota
  • .5 TB bandwidth

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Final word

Media published through Flotiq’s compliant APIs is available to readers on any device, giving you complete control over how your content appears.
FlotIQ gives teams the tools they need to create and share great articles easily – no matter what publishing platform or technology we’re using today!

Make the most of your content.

Try it now; don’t worry; AppSumo offers 60 day of money-back guarantee without any question.

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Happy Journey


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