Google Maps Scraper – AppSumo Plus exclusive – Get any Public data 2022

With Google Maps Scraper, you can quickly and easily export local business contacts from Google Maps into a CSV/XLSX/Parquet/JSON file.

Quickly Read 3 Points And Get An Idea About Google Maps Scraper.

  • Google Maps Scraper enables exporting Google Maps business contacts into a file using Outscraper.
  • The Email & Contacts Scraper allows you to improve further the data extracted from maps by adding emails, social links, and phone numbers.
  • The contacts scraper searches for contacts in various locations, including websites, Facebook Groups, Google, and other open databases.

Meet Google Maps Scraper!


Public data is hard to come by, but we have the technologies that can make it easy.


Over and over, pound away at the same two keys.

With the Email & Contacts Scraper, it enables you to enrich data taken from maps with emails, social connections, and phone numbers.

The contacts scraper searches high and low for contacts in various places: websites, Facebook Groups, Google, and other public databases.


Take full advantage of Google’s resources.

Empower your customers by turning them into incentivized leads. Get the world’s major collection of the small, medium, and big firms to provide you with local businesses in their areas.

See all use cases here!


We know that you don’t have time to waste on duplicate content, which is why we take care of it for you automatically. 🙂

To acquire a more targeted data set, filter for the presence of phones, emails, or websites. (If a customer’s record isn’t checked, you won’t be charged).


If you’re feeling advanced, additional parameters are also available for your use.

The Google Maps Scraper… ensures that no duplicates are included in a task, thus you only obtain unique information for each query.

You can also customize the appearance of the button using additional parameters.

The Google Maps Scraper removes duplicates from the same activity, allowing you to only receive unique data… even for many queries.

Demo Video:
Scraper: Scraper

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Google Maps Scraper Appsumo Plus Lifetime Deal [$69]


  • Lifetime access to Google Maps Scraper – Plus exclusive Plan
  • Everything Google Maps Scraper – Plus exclusive Plan updates
  • 5000 businesses (places) from Google Maps/month
  • 5000 emails and social profiles/month
  • Filters: rating, status, phones, emails, websites, and others
  • Ability to remove duplicates from the same task
  • Easy select categories and locations (no need to make search queries by yourself)
  • CSV/XLSX/Parquet/JSON results format
  • Ability to schedule tasks
  • Cloud execution (keeps your IP safe)
  • API access for developers

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However, this data is often locked away behind paywalls and difficult-to-navigate websites. The good news is that there are several new technologies that are making public data more accessible than ever before. These tools help aggregate and organize data from various sources, making it easy to find the information you need. As more and more organizations begin to use these technologies, we can hope that access to public data will become simpler and more straightforward.

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