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Gain valuable insights from Ayman Al-Abdullah, the CEO of AppSumo from 2016 through 2021, in this recording of a live Masterclass originally presented on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

Since graduating from Founder to CEO, Ayman has led AppSumo from one employee (himself) to 100 employees and managed the company towards 80 million in GMV this past year.

In this masterclass, Ayman goes through what is necessary to take a 7 figure business and make it an 8-figure enterprise. This includes processes, people, and performance.

Even if you don’t have a seven-figure business now, the skills you’ll gain in this course are useful at any size.

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Ayman I Al-Abdullah will give a live Masterclass during the event.

Ayman will go over the procedures, individuals, and performance required to grow a 7-figure business into an 8-figure company.

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In one year, Ayman grew AppSumo from two to over 100 employees and increased the company’s GMV from 0 to 80 million.

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  • Download this Masterclass to learn how to take your business from seven figures to eight by focusing on people and processes.
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Grow Your Business from 7 to 8 Figures with People & Processes

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  • Free access to all AppSumo Masterclasses
  • To convert a 7-figure business into an 8-figure business, you’ll need to develop the processes, individuals, and performance required.
  • Q&A with Ayman I Al-Abdullah, CEO of AppSumo
  • Key learnings and takeaways from an experienced Sumo
  • Get access to AppSumo Plus’ business community, The Sauce, for free.

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