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Growmatik modern marketing landscape is an overwhelmed, overcomplicated mess. The tools you need for effective targeting and optimization can be hard to track down or figure out how they work – let alone if their output actually resonates with your business goals!
It doesn’t have to anymore… (Enter the name of the product). With our simple yet powerful platform though? All those complicated tasks become a breeze as we handle everything from creating custom messages/content based on real-time user behavior data collected via pinpoint accuracy technology right

Introducing Growmatik.

What is Growmatik?

The Growmatik platform makes it easy to create highly targeted web content, emails, and pop-ups.

Gromatik can help you create personalized web pages, emails, and popups that are uniquely tailored to your audience. You’ll be able to take advantage of threefold automation technology ( trigger, action ) combined with real-time behavior tracking for maximum impact on marketing campaigns. With pre-made recipes like Black Friday sales email templates or discount exit-intent popup automation, getting started is fast!


Create highly-targeted web pages, email sequences, pop-ups, or cross-channel flows that involve all channels using marketing automation software.

growmatik lets you create highly personalized content for your customers with data from 100+ sources, including site activity and shopping behavior. You can also use pre-made segments that focus on active users or those who have been in contact before–both of these groups will see special offers tailored just right! The hyper-targeted emails are received quickly by each person because it’s always relevant – no matter if someone has abandoned their cart or returned after visiting another website once already.


For hyper-targeted material, use sophisticated segmentation.

Gromatik is an email marketing platform that lets you create highly personalized emails, pop-ups, and web pages. Use dynamic content modules to serve your customers with products they’re interested in–abandoned cart items in a follow-up message or discount offers inside of popup windows are just two examples!
Makes it super easy for any entrepreneur looking into increased conversion rates through personalization on their online campaigns


With precise targeting and content, you may boost interaction by sending relevant products, material, and keywords to targeted consumers.

With the powerful insights and reporting offered by this dashboard, you can easily track your marketing campaigns’ performance. You’ll be able to measure engagement rates for each campaign as well as conversions from different sources such UTMs or geolocations in order to optimize future strategies accordingly!


With comprehensive reporting that breaks down essential metrics, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

With Growmatik, you can finally stop wasting time on Bombarding your customers with unpersonalized marketing content. Instead of following 20 different processes for creating personalized messages in various languages (“Check this 45-step tutorial if want to translate your welcome message into French! … Just another translation tool.”), simply create one master outline that is tailored specifically towards the audience segmentation we have all learned from marketers at heart — and voila! You will be able to generate engaging, laser-focused advertisements across every channel imaginable.

Take control of your marketing strategy.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get lifetime access to Growmatik right away!

Growmatik Pricing Plan

Turn your audience into paying customers by getting to know them thoroughly and converting them into customers through smart emails, popups, and online sites.

It offers four different pricing options:

Starter, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise

Starter Plan $49/Month:

  • 10,000 Marketing Audiences
  • 20 Automation Rules
  • Standard Support

Growth Plan $99/Month:

  • 25,000 Marketing Audiences
  • 50 Automation Rules
  • Premium Support

Click here to check out more pricing plans.

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Appsumo lifetime deal [$69]

Growmatik is a marketing platform that allows you to create highly targeted web content, emails, and popups.

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  • Lifetime access to Growmatik basic plan
  • All features above included
  • All Growth Features
  • 10,000 marketing audiences per month
  • Unlimited automation rules per site
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited emails send
  • Email white labeling
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Final Word

Growmatik is a powerful marketing automation platform that enables you to create targeted web content, emails, and pop-ups. With Growmatik, you can segment your audience into targeted groups and send them highly personalized messages. In addition, Growmatik provides detailed analytics to track your campaigns’ performance. With Growmatik, you can take your marketing to the next level and achieve the results you’ve always wanted. grow your business today with Growmatik!

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