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Howuku: 7 Proven Ways to Boost Website Interaction and Conversions

Learn how Howuku can improve your website! Howuku improves how people use their website and makes more visitors become customers.

Do you want to test your websites through Google Optimization? Want to see better results? Want more visitors to the website? Here is the answer to all the questions that you have in mind. At this time, Howuku is made for those people who want to succeed in their lives. Although, it has too many tools to test your websites and make them more interesting.

In this article, we will discuss how Howuku can make your online business better. There are many proven ways to boost website interaction and conversions.

Understanding of Howuku:

Howuku is a helpful conversion rate optimization platform (CRO) that helps to make your website interesting. It improves your work immensely no matter if you are just starting or you know a lot about marketing, it helps us to know everything about how people use your website and it makes the website much better.

It helps you to an extent if you are not an expert in coding. So, it is not a big deal because it helps your entire website team and does tests easily. Using Howuku is not difficult.If you are good at coding, you can use CSS and Javascript copy editors to make experiments better and get ideas on how to set up your layout.

Easily start test with Howuku Optimize’s tools for pictures and code.

Simple A/B Testing:

A very important element of every website is A/B testing. Howuku does A/B testing very simple way. We need to monitor every page on the website. This is the same as when we cross-test versions of web pages to see which page is doing the most work. It works exactly like Google Optimization. Like that Howuku helps you make different versions of pages and check which one is better.

This helps you set a plan of what will look best, what you will say, and what most people like to do. It helps us in every way that even Google doesn’t. It is a multi-talented tool called armed bandit optimization that helps you see what works best in tests. It helps you select the best options and ensure tests are successful. Once you find the best option, you can use it to start your website.

Helps client to get more sales with multi-armed bandit optimization.

Visual Feedback and Heatmaps:

Every person needs to know what is going on on his website. It has such a wonderful tool that it shows you pictures of what users are doing and Heatmaps that show where they click, scroll, and move. With Howuku, you can also find out what your customers like and how it can be improved if there is any deficiency.

User Surveys and Feedback:

When we start a business, it is important to know what our client likes and dislikes, and what they expect and want. It is a necessary condition for all successful business. You can show pop-ups to ask users questions and get more information while they are visiting your site.

Howuku Optimize also has a smart AI. It can comprehend your data and conclude the survey answers.

Get helpful opinions from users using a smart survey maker and a tool that makes the answers simple to understand.

Conversion Funnels:

It is important to keep track of how people come to your website, what they buy, and where they stop buying. Because flow is important in business and when you realize that people have stopped buying, you can fix your site from there.

“Create your reports and choose numbers that are important to your project.” In this manner, you can show how well your testing performed.

Make reports special by putting in important numbers, helpful thoughts for clients, and how each test worked.

Understanding the website can be tricky when you don’t know your numbers. In this regard, Howuku Optimize allows you to run tests and publish improved versions of your website. This way, you’ll know what to do to get more people to buy your products.

  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Exit-intent Popups
  • Social Proof notifications

Let’s meet Howuku’s Official Price Plans:

  • Lifetime access to Howuku Optimize
  • All coming pro plan updates
  • Choose the right plan that fulfills your needs
  • A/B testing
  • Visual feedback and Heatmaps
  • Social Media Notifications
  • Traffic distribution
  • License Tier 1 for just 59$ (with 50,000 monthly tested users)


There are many people who use Google Optimization to test their sites while there are many other tools that work very well like Howuku. It has many amazing features that make your site more interesting and engaging.

It sets a plan where you see all the performance of your websites like A/B testing, see pictures of what users do, and surveys. It’s a great solution for every problem but when you focus on Howuku, it will magically take your website to a high rank. You can even compete with other businesses.

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