InQommon free AppSumo Deal 2022

When you network with people who have similar interests, it’s very invigorating and can give your business direction and make you more experienced. But how do you locate the ideal person to connect with without all of the struggles?

InQommon is a networking platform that connects you with 1 other professional who has similar interests.

It’s easy, in essence. Our AI-driven connection makes carefully suggested connections based on your professional background and interests with individuals that you should meet.

Simply comment on where and when you’d want to meet, and we’ll send you an appointment invite in your dashboard. Simply beneficial discussions that have a business impact.

No matter your occupation, whether you are in Technology, Marketing, Data Science, Development, IT, etc. we can hold a conversation with anyone on any level.

Make the most of your connections.

Access for AppSumo users:

If you’re looking to create a community, this is the perfect tool for you. With an invite-only feature and membership that’s unlimited and free of charge, Community Builder Pro is exactly what you need.

Get access now!

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InQommon Pricing Plan

One-time purchase of $0

  • Lifetime access to InQommon Plan
  • Access to public topic focused communities
  • Share relevant content, ask and respond questions
  • Get relevant matches with like-minded people to e-meet
  • Invite like-minded people to e-meet
  • Set up your own public or invite-only community hub for free

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