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In today’s digital age, more and more people are working remotely. With the help of modern technology, this has become a seamless process for many. But what about those times when you need to have an in-person meeting? How do you make sure that everyone is on the same page? Enter AI assistants like Google Hangouts or Zoom.

These tools allow easy video conferencing with colleagues, clients, or family members. And now, there’s a new player in the game: InstaMINUTES. InstaMINUTES is an AI-driven platform that helps you control your meeting minutes by automatically capturing all key points and decisions made during your call—no more missed details or forgotten action items! Check it out and see how this powerful tool can help streamline your next meeting.

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What is Instaminutes?

The Instaminutes’ Chrome extension allows you to summarize meetings and recorded conversations with critical takeaways quickly.

Take real-time, active notes with an AI helper that automatically highlights the most significant things for you.

You’ll be able to see and change your transcripts as well, allowing you to improve them later.

With Instaminutes, you can easily connect to all your favorite meeting tools on both desktop and mobile.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Plus, linking your calendar is a breeze. Just sign in and get started!


Your meetings will never be the same after using Instaminutes. Take real-time notes and summarize your day with a trainable AI assistant that offers actionable conversational insights to help you better understand customers, clients, or team members! You can also tap into critical moments from any meeting on an intelligence dashboard for quick access as well as view which speaker spoke how long during each segment to measure engagement levels within different areas of discussion – all while getting advanced recommendations tailored just right for YOUR organization’s needs (and budget)!


With Instaminutes, you can get instant access to key insights from your meetings on the go.

Open up a conversation and listen as it summarizes for you in minutes! Search through past conversations with our advanced filters like focusing only on speaker or topic tags so that what matters most are right at hand when needed – without having to make any unnecessary decisions along this process
In addition, we’ve made some changes which include making everything more accessible by letting users read summaries instead of needing more info about specific discussions while also allowing them to take advantage of other handy features such as sorting into separate lists based on whatever criteria they desire.


Have you ever been in a meeting where someone made an interesting point, but it got lost because they continued talking about something else? Me neither, which means this is another reason Instaminutes will be handy for me.

I can listen to summaries on the go and search through conversions with smart filters while also being able transfer them over email or Slack so everyone’s working from similar sources! It’s great not having my memory refreshed every five seconds when one person might have just as well given some valuable input during those few precious moments we had together before somebody kk


In just one click, Instaminutes automatically transforms your meetings into a searchable dashboard of key takeaways and actionable insights. With detailed meeting summaries, you’ll be able to follow through on next steps by integrating with the tools that are most important for you – whether it’s Evernote or Google Drive!

Get lifetime access to Instaminutes now!


Instaminutes comes with four pricing plans.

FREE, Premium, Small Teams, and Enterprise

FREE $0.00/Month

  • Record Zoom, GMeet, Teams, & other tool meetings
  • Real-time
  • Summary Notes
  • 300 mins of notes/month

Premium $10.00/Month

  • All Free Features Included
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Slack Integration
  • Speaker Identification
  • 1800 mins of notes/month

Small Teams $18.00/Month

  • All Premium Features Included
  • Trello, CRM integrations
  • Priority Support
  • Team productivity Analytics
  • 3600 mins of notes/month

Check out here for custom plans



  • Lifetime access to Instaminutes
  • All future Small Teams Plan updates
  • 15 hours of notes per month (team total)
  • 1 user seat(s)
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Instaminutes is a powerful AI tool that can help you summarize your meetings with key takeaways and actionable insights. This tool can be used to improve productivity and keep track of important information from meetings. If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily get the most important points from your meetings, Instaminutes is the perfect tool for you.

Ready to get started? Check out Instaminutes today!

Read more about it by going here.

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