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Your company has several reviews on several sites, but sharing them all feels like sending clients on a wild goose chase. (You should like or follow me on Facebook, by the way. And you should check out my Yelp profile.)

Getting feedback from various sites might be difficult, but it’s not nearly as difficult as collecting them—and then displaying them on a simple platform to access and customize.

Imagine a tool that allows you to link major reviewing platforms and display client comments on your website while maintaining your site’s look and feel.

Check out JustReview.

What is JustReview?

JustReview lets over 20 online platforms can be integrated to gain reviews and display them on your site, increasing trust and conversion rates.

(You can watch the video to learn about JustReview tools quickly.)

With JustReview, you may quickly and easily gather reviews from 24 distinct locations on the internet and display them on your website.

Simply drag and drop the accounts for which you’d like to pull reviews, arrange them by criteria such as rating, date, or length, and even filter them by language to make things easier on yourself.

You’ll be able to access reviews directly from e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Google Shopping.

You can find almost every piece of software and technology you’ll need on Product Hunt, Capterra, and Sitejabber.

JustReview allows you to expand your reach and attract more customers. In addition, it supports social media and location-based applications like Facebook, Google Maps, and Yelp, so As a result, you may boost foot traffic to both brick and mortar sites.


Connect accounts with 24 review platforms and customize how consumer comments are curated.

Select from a range of embeddable display widgets to display data in the style that reflects your company’s look. You may even utilize colors that are consistent with your logo!

The JustReview Badge widget combines ratings from various platforms and is displayed as a static icon on the page, even as users scroll.

Using the testimonials feature, you may include full-text material and sort comments by sentiment.

With the JustReview Summary widget, you may highlight a summary of evaluations for your chosen services and display your rank on various sites.


Reviews with dynamic widgets can be created instantly and immediately build trust with potential consumers by allowing them to connect to your business.

Before they even get to your site, GoodGuide also helps you improve clickthrough rates in organic search and gain customer trust by providing a user-friendly review platform!

To show aggregate star ratings below search results for your product or service, use the Google Rich Snippets Data integrations.

Customers will immediately realize that you are genuine and will be more inclined to click into your site and make a purchase.


To show star ratings in search results and entice customers to visit your site, use Google Rich Snippets Data.

Finally, JustReview isn’t simply a database of other people’s reviews. It’s the only platform allowing consumers to submit their feedback on your website.

Using the JustReview SubPage widget, create a new page on your site with a customer feedback form.

Since you won’t need to sign in to third-party sites, you can create a smooth user experience for reviewers.

Plus, When you utilize the on-site widget, you’ll have total control over which reviews are displayed and even remove nasty comments from the admin panel.


Customers may leave comments on your site using the JustReview Page widget.

The last thing you want is for potential consumers to believe that your company is too good to be true. (How do I know that one five-star review isn’t from the CEO’s mom??”)

That’s why JustReview makes it simple to aggregate reviews from over 20 platforms and display them on your website, allowing you to demonstrate how great your organization is.

Use social proof to help your business grow.

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