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Instead of providing your audience with a ton of different URLs, you should only have one URL where they can find all the information about what’s going on in relation to their business. (That way if someone is viewing content from multiple social media platforms and tabs open at once then there won’t be overlapping links.) A shareable web address not only makes it easier for potential customers or clients to get into contact quickly; but also helps increase traffic by tracking how many people click through onto certain websites- which means more revenue!

Introducing LinkTube.

What is LinkTube?

LinkTube is an app that lets you build a smartpage to host all of your links and track performance, right from the palm-sized device in your pocket.

LinkTube is the easiest way to create a startpage and have all of your links in one place. Just choose any pre-made template, add some text where it says “links” in case you want more than just physical descriptions (i e YouTube videos), then boom! You’re done with creating this awesome-looking webpage that will reflect what makes YOU special—your brand identity so people can spot them out from afar because they know exactly who’s on offer when browsing through pages like these 😉


Tons of free, ready-to-use templates are available at, plus you can design your smart page in as few as five clicks with their easy-to-use editor.

LinkTube makes it easy to measure and analyze the performance of every link. You can add users who click on your smartpage into an audience list, making retargeting their interests simple for you! And with Linktubr’s remarketing pixels in popular ad platforms like Facebook Ads Manager or Google Adwords—you won’t be burdened by having too many sales teams anymore either.


Increase engagement and sales by monitoring the clickthrough rate on your material.

With LinkTube, you can work from anywhere! You’ll be able to build and edit your smartpage right on the go. The intuitive UI makes it super easy for anyone – even those who don’t have much experience with designing websites or editing code- so they are sure not to miss out in any way possible
The app also allows users to align content within buttons/tiles just as desired; displaying products using price tags inside carousels provides increased exposure to storefronts while boosting sales rates at an alarmingly fast pace.


On LinkTube’s customizable smartpage, you may advertise your company portfolio and reach your target audience.

LinkTube is a tool that will change the way you do email marketing. Fully customizable CTAs and an easy-to-use interface allow for full control over every aspect of your smart page, from stunning animations to countdown timers – all designed with one goal in mind: increasing conversions! You can access dynamic feeds from anywhere via their dashboard which automatically updates links along with recent content found on YouTube or WordPress sites while also integrating third-party services such as Mailchimp so conversion rates don’t disappoint this year either.


LinkTube is a comprehensive solution that’s created to grow your business across all of your devices.

LinkTube is the perfect solution for any business looking to grow. It’s one shareable URL that will consolidate your offerings and track analytics, giving you complete control of where people go from their phones or computers!

Combine your URLs and social media postings.

Now you can have access to LinkTube for life!

We’ve come up with a summary of LinkTube’s pricing and Appsumo’s price below:

Official Pricing Plans

It is available in four price ranges.


LITE Plan $9/Month:

  • Smart Pages 1
  • Projects & Teams 1
  • Buttons Unlimited
  • Tile, Card 10
  • Text YES
  • Videos 5
  • Button Icons YES
  • Background Image YES
  • Style Colors YES
  • Products 5
  • QR code YES
  • Dynamic Feed 0
  • Messenger Buttons ALL
  • Social Links ALL
  • Premium themes 5
  • Custom Themes ALL
  • SEO Profiles YES
  • GDPR/CCPA compliance no
  • Sensitive Content YES
  • Remove LinkTube Branding YES
  • Custom Slashtag 1
  • Custom Domain ( 1 Per Project ) 1
  • Team Members 0
  • Newsletter Mailchimp + Google Sheet
  • Tracking Pixels FB + GA
  • UTM Parameters YES
  • Link Scheduling 1
  • Link Priority(animation) 2
  • Tracked Clicks 50K

PRO Plan $9/Month:

  • Smart Pages 5
  • Projects & Teams 5
  • Buttons Unlimited
  • Tile, Card 50
  • Text YES
  • Videos 25
  • Button Icons YES
  • Background Image YES
  • Style Colors YES
  • Products 15
  • QR code YES
  • Dynamic Feed 5
  • Messenger Buttons ALL
  • Social Links ALL
  • Premium themes 10
  • Custom Themes ALL
  • SEO Profiles YES
  • GDPR/CCPA compliance YES
  • Sensitive Content YES
  • Remove LinkTube Branding YES
  • Custom Slashtag 5
  • Custom Domain ( 1 Per Project ) 2
  • Team Members 2
  • Newsletter Mailchimp + Google Sheet + Zapier
  • Tracking Pixels FB + GA + Snapchat
  • UTM Parameters YES
  • Link Scheduling YES
  • Link Priority(animation) 5/Project
  • Tracked Clicks 100K

Checkout more Pricing plans on the Official website

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The MentionLabs is an awesomely created SINGLE URL that exposes your numerous links in your blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, items, and.

  • One-Time Purchase of $49.00 instead of $108.00
  • Lifetime access to LinkTube PRO plan
  • All features above included
  • 5 smart pages
  • 2 projects and teams
  • 50 tiles (cards)
  • 25 videos
  • 15 products
  • 2 dynamic feeds
  • 10 premium feeds
  • 5 custom slashtags
  • 2 custom domains (one per project)
  • 2 team members (per project)
  • 5 link priority animations (per project)
  • 100K tracked clicks

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Final Word

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to keep track of all the websites you visit on a daily basis? Well, now there is! LinkTube is a new app that lets you create a custom page, or “smartpage,” to host all your links. Not only does this make it easy to find the sites you’re looking for, but it also lets you track how many times each link is clicked. This is perfect for businesses who want to see which links are getting the most traffic, or for individuals who just want to keep tabs on their web usage. Best of all, LinkTube is available for both iOS and Android devices.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

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