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Today, brands must keep their audiences engaged and relevant. Many marketers use artificial intelligence (AI) to assist them with this process. This post discusses how to use Markopolo to craft engaging social copy. Before you discover,

here’s a quick introduction.

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What is Markopolo Ai?

Markopolo is a tool from market research company GIK that automates the process of generating questions, statements, and answers for market research studies. It goes beyond survey questions and enables you to create answers that appeal to your target market by generating questions, statements, and answers that are appropriate for your target audience.

There are three choices for increasing conversions and boosting ROI with Al: Markopolo, WordStream, and AdEspresso. It’s not about getting a good response; if your audience doesn’t understand your question, they won’t answer it! Markopolos helps you target the demographics you want to reach by using Al to identify your target audience. It allows you to identify the most important parts of a brand to drive purchase intention and content marketing strategies.

How Does Markopolo Generate Social Copy?

Markopolos may generate social-friendly copy from your survey questions in various formats.

It will also use Al to identify which demographic groups you want to reach out to, so you can build up a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Aside from using Al technology, Markopolos has several other features such as text generation, sentiment analysis, and consumer insights that allow for more sophisticated content marketing strategies. With all these features, Markopolo not only helps you automate the task of generating good responses but also helps you create content that resonates with your target audience and ultimately drives more effective digital marketing strategies.

Identity The Most important Brand Aspects to Influence Purchase Intent

Markopolo uses Al to identify which b target audience, so you can use this knowledge to build up your ideal customer profile. and aspects are most important for your

The system automatically identifies factors influencing purchase intent, such as demographics, location, and purchase intent. After identifying those attributes and their importance in influencing purchase intent, you can figure out what resonates most with your target audience. For example, if you wanted to understand how vital gender is in influencing purchase intent in America, Markopolo would give you that information automatically.

Create a Persona For Your Target Audience

Markopolo can help you create a persona for your target audience so that you know what your ideal customer is looking for.

Once you have a persona, you can set up goals and objectives to meet those needs so that your content resonates with them. The best thing about this tool, though? It’s not just for marketers. There’s also an easy-to-use platform for researchers, with the ability to export results into PowerPoint presentations or Excel sheets. It allows users to get started quickly without hiring expensive market research teams.

Use the Markopolo Tool to Create Your Social Media Conversation Starter

Markopolo is an easy-to-use platform that helps you build a social media conversation starter for your brand.

Markopolo might be an effective tool for marketers of any level if it is simple to use and has a lot of prebuilt templates. For example, you might want to market to the millennial demographic. Markopolo will help you find the most appropriate phrases for this group so you can use them in your content. You can create social media advertisements with Markopolo that will prompt engagement and conversions with prebuilt campaigns. The outcome will be a more efficient marketing approach and a more substantial online presence!

The Al tool also helps you monitor and report on your campaign results.

Marketers can determine whether their campaigns were successful by looking at metrics such as the number of shares, likes, and retweets. Markopolo can help you generate social copy that connects with your target audience, increases purchase intent, and creates more successful content marketing strategies.

It’s a powerful tool that gives marketers the information they need to make smart decisions about engaging their target audiences in today’s digital world.

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Markopolo ai Pricing Plans

Use Markopolo and earn more leads from your sale ads at a low budget.

It has four pricing plans;

Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

Professional Plan $23/month:

  • Single brand management
  • No additional team member
  • Limit on Audience Creation Tool
  • Limit on Ad Maker Tool
  • Limit on Campaign Creation Tool
  • Limit on Analytics

Team Plan $99/month:

  • Multiple brand management
  • Team Member Addition
  • High Performing Audience Creation mode unlocked.
  • Ad interest and keyword suggestion limits increase to maximize campaign performance.
  • Unlock campaign objectives to engage your audience accurately.
  • Advanced conversion fracking on Facebook and Google
  • Larger Asset Library

Business Plan $199/month:

  • Everything Team Plan Features
  • A large number of Brands
  • Bigger team accommodation
  • Added Security for your data and account
  • Training and Certifications for your team’s growth.

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Markopolo gives you tools for making ads and running campaigns with the help of Al automation.


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  • Everything Business Plan Features
  • 15 social and PPC accounts,
  • five brands,
  • three users
  • Plan unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited ad spend

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Al can help you identify your target audience and craft an appealing social media message that catches their attention. In addition, Markopolo provides a tool that makes a social copy for you so that you can engage your audience.

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