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A recording of a live Masterclass with Sam Parr, The following day, on July 13, 2022, Asphalt 8: Airborne was originally announced as a part of Sumo Day.

Sam is the founder of The Hustle, one of the United States’ most rapidly developing media firms that produce a 5-minute newsletter supporting 2M+ innovators in the loop.

In this session, Sam demonstrates how to “force function” – or force yourself to act quickly on a business concept by creating tight deadlines. Because the more time you have to complete a goal, the more productive you are.

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • How to generate viral content ideas for your business’s validity
  • How do you choose which audiences to target with this content?
  • You’ll learn how to strategically replicate your personal brand at a large scale using real-world instances from Sam’s professional businesses, such as the establishment of Hustle Con in just six weeks and the expansion of The Hustle to 200,000 daily active users in one year via blog articles.

This session was led by Noah Kagan, the founder and CEO of AppSumo.

Get a Quick idea of what is Masterclass with Sam Parr.

  1. All Sumo-lings were invited to attend the live event, which was free and open to everyone. It was exclusively available to Plus members.
  2. Masterclass with Sam Parr
  3. Hosted by Noah Kagan
  4. Learn how to “force function”

Masterclass with Sam Parr Appsumo plus Lifetime Deal [$0.0]


  • Free access to all AppSumo Masterclasses
  • Learn how to come up with viral content ideas
  • Learn how to find the right audiences to present this content to
  • Hear real life examples of acting on ideas quickly from Sam’s personal business ventures
  • Q&A with Sam Parr, moderated by Noah Kagan
  • Develop connections with fellow Plus members and AppSumo staff

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