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It’s intimidating, difficult, and critical to your company’s success to compose an effective email.

And at AppSumo, we’ve sent a lot of emails over the years. Think tool recaps, Star Wars fanfiction, and The Weeknd Spotify stats. (We even send emails “After Hours” haha—sorry, I’m done.)

That’s why we lifted the cover on our best emails in the first Million-Dollar Email Templates book, but now we’ve got even more fantastic emails in a handy app.

Introducing AppSumo’s Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0.


The second edition of AppSumo’s Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 is an app that gathers hundreds of emails used by AppSumo, Sumo Group, and other successful businesses to develop connections and expand brands.


Get AppSumo and Sumo Group’s best email marketing tips to benefit your brand or business. You need templates that work, without any fuss, and are easy to use?

The Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 app allows you to paste and replace into Gmail or any outreach software for simple implementation.

Plus, The search function allows you to find the perfect template in a matter of seconds from dozens of effective options.


Dozens of tried and true designs that can be modified and sent!

First impressions are crucial when using email.

This app tells you when to shoot off that all-important email for the best chance at success.

Analyze each email for the meanings and implications behind its formation. Find out why specific words, phrases, and strategies were used.


Learn the key secrets to why these emails are successful!

Sumo-lings have access to view counters on every email template so you can see which templates are the most popular and use them to your advantage.

Then, you may use these same approaches to create your own emails that are effective.

The proof is perfect for entrepreneurs or marketers who want to improve their email productivity.


Determine which templates are the most popular by checking the view counts.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not Million-Dollar Templates 2.0 is worth your money, even if you have the original ebook, know that it definitely is.

We’ve added more templates, improved search functionality, and simplified copy-and-paste from the app.(with a Gmail integration coming soon).

Plus, We’ll keep adding new templates and tried emails—this is the only method to get our company’s most recent communications!

You’ll also have the option to edit the emails swiftly to change important sections, making it even easier to customize them for your needs.


With just one click, you can draft any email template from the app!

Sometimes it’s necessary to stand on the shoulders of giants, or at the least enlist the assistance of a Sumo wrestler. (Whee!)

2.0 is a collection of what we’ve learned over 10 years as a company that started at zero and grew to millions of dollars.

With more emails being added daily, don’t miss your opportunity to utilize ones that will actually get results.

Get access to Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 Now!

Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 AppSumo Pricing [ $0 ]

One-time purchase of $0

  • FREE lifetime access to Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0
  • Everything Lifetime Plan updates
  • Get access to REAL templates that the AppSumo and Sumo Group teams have used to generate millions of dollars
  • Never-before-seen insider emails that you can copy and paste for your own business
  • 40+ templates for sales, outreach, partnerships, backlinks, and more
  • New templates are regularly added

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