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Meetings can be challenging to keep track of at times. You can’t keep up with the material, you can’t see the screen, and you’re trapped listening alone.

What if I told you that you could achieve this in a considerably easier, better, and more exciting way?

Hey! It’s going to be quite impressive.

Meet Noota.

Hello, my name is Anamul. I am here to review Noota Appsumo’s Lifetime Deal-Screen cast is, a live meeting recording tool that enables users to record, annotate, and convert online meetings.

What is Noota?

However, although online meetings have grown in popularity and usage over the last several years, most internet meeting solutions fail to address fundamental problems like facilitating effective meetings.

That’s where Noota comes in.

You may record virtual meetings using Noota on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any browser tab with this software.

Just upload your calendar and get real-time notifications if a meeting hasn’t covered certain topics, allowing your team to stay on track.

NootEx offers a free screen recorder that will allow you to record live proceedings and translate them into over 70 languages for your worldwide staff.

With a single click, you may tag, add screenshots, and highlight important events with this screen recorder that can be dragged as a movable popup.


Put your notes in NootEx to a visual form with screenshots, key events, and real-time transcription.

Noota’s AI-generated speech-to-text technology converts all of your audio into text in over 70 distinct languages and accents, which is simply fantastic.

The voice analysis feature can separate up to 10 people speaking in the same meeting, so you’ll always know who’s talking.

The contents of the transcript editor can be modified, and the text will still be fully aligned with the audio.

You can create custom tag palettes and export the time-stamped quotes in a flash with built-in keyboard shortcuts.


Noota allows you to modify your document while maintaining audio synchronization.

Because most online videos are watched without sound, Noota creates subtitles automatically to ensure that everyone can comprehend your message.

After you’ve uploaded your video, pick subtitle mode by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right corner. You may individually change each subtitle, modify the text, and alter the timestamp.

You’ll be able to change the style of your subtitles, such as the color, font, and background, to match your own brand.

With subtitles on every video, you’ll improve content exposure when search engines scan the text shown in your movies!


To communicate your brand across all of your material, edit the text and formatting of your subtitles to match.

The Noota app on your phone or tablet allows you to use your device as a recording tool while far away from an Echo. It enables you to transcribe and record from anywhere simply by connecting it with the internet.

Keep the program in the background so it may continue to transcribe, giving you a powerful secret weapon for conducting interviews or conducting sales meetings on the road.

Plus, On the other side, it’s possible to include photographs from your camera roll in the transcript or report to spice up dull material on the move.


Transcribing information can be a tedious task. Download the NootApp app to make your life easier and get that transcription job done in no time!

Your meeting might sound like a conversation from another galaxy if you’re using the incorrect transcription software.

Fortunately, Noota perfectly records your meetings and converts all of your transcripts into functional tools for your company.

Make sure you capture all of the insights from your meetings.

Get Noota AppSumo Lifetime Access today!

Noota Pricing Plans

The Noota paid plan is the best strategy for this gadget, including unrestricted video and text chat minutes.

It has three price plans:

Solo, Pro, and Enterprise.

Solo Plan $18/month:

  • hours transcription
  • Real-time dictation
  • 2 hours max file size
  • Import pre-recorded file
  • 1 Minimum license
  • Subtitle Video
  • 10€ Additionnal transcirption
  • Screen recorder
  • Export
  • Custom vocabulary

Pro Plan $45/month:

  • 25 hours transcription
  • Unlimited import pre-recorded file
  • 5€ Additionnal transcirption
  • Everything Solo Plan Features
  • Manual Tags and Labels

Noota has a free trial that you may use to get started.

Noota is completely free to use, so there are no strings attached. You can start using the trial now and see for yourself how it works.

Or, Get Started with Noota Appsumo Lifetime Access Plan Only For $69.00.

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Noota Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]

With Noota, you may record your meetings and convert all transcripts into a useful tool to help your company expand.


  • Lifetime access to Noota Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • 5 hours of transcription and subtitling per month
  • 1 license

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Noot,a enables recording, interpreting, and analyzing online meetings in real-time. The platform makes it simple to organize meetings and ensure that all participants are on the same page.

Noota’s free edition allows users to record and transcribe up to 30 minutes of meetings, while paid plans offer unlimited video and text chat minutes.

Noota also has several meeting alternatives and capabilities to help you get the most out of them.

Try it now, AppSumo Has 60 days of Money-back Guaranty without any question asked.

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