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In theory, your clients should be able to create video testimonials, but the results may vary. (This camcorder footage is making me feel like I’m watching The Blair Witch Project.)

But in practice, A well-designed platform makes it easy to walk your customers through the process from beginning to end.

What if there was a method to allow consumers to record testimonials while on the go and gather additional market research?

Introducing VideoPeel.

What is the Videopeel?

Videopeel lets you gather video testimonials from clients with mobile-friendly landing pages and custom requests.

You may use VideoPeel 2.0 to add an extra level of creative control and flexibility to your videos, which was previously inaccessible!

You may completely customize all aspects of your VideoPeel campaign’s landing pages. You may completely customize all parts of your VideoPeel campaign’s landing pages.

Use this link to allow customers to record testimonials from their phone or computer—no additional logins or downloads are required!

You may also ask your most trusted customers for written feedback. You may even ask them to submit video reviews if you like.


By adding profiles, photographs, or video messages, you may personalize your VideoPeel landing pages with videosVideoPeel landing pagesVideoPeel landing pages by adding profiles, photos, or video messages.

With our testimonial prompts, you can help your customers record their best take via email, SMS, messenger, and mobile.

You may also request specific client data or market research, such as their favorite periodicals or social media platforms.

You may also acquire photographs, documents, names, written reactions, and email addresses to provide more information about client testimonials.

Send personalized “Thank You” messages or provide unique items to show your gratitude for your consumers and encourage future testimonies.


So that your customers can record high-quality testimonials, give them easy-to-follow directions.

Once you’ve collected all of the information you need from your clients, keeping everything in one place is a breeze.

The media library allows you to search, sort organizationally, and tag all your content.

Not only does VideoPeel automatically transcribe video testimonials, but it also makes your content more searchable and user-friendly.


With tags and automatic transcriptions, your video content will be easily searchable by anyone.

Best of all, We encrypt your video using industry-standard encryption and protocols to guarantee that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Uphold customer privacy by creating a policy that details how their videos will be used.

You can collect signatures from the customer’s mobile device if your business requires added security.


Customers can quickly review and sign documents right from their phones with VideoPeel!

Customer testimonials are essential, but if you make your customers jump through too many hoops to record one, you’re likely to lose a five-star review. (In terms of poor communication and instructions, I give it 4/5 stars.)

Get lifetime access to VideoPeel now!



VideoPeel comes with three pricing plans.

Pro, Premium, and Enterprise

Pro plan $49/Month:

Get started with these features:

  • Remote Video Capturing
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Chat Support

Premium plan $249/Month:

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Automated Transcriptions
  • Custom Rights Management
  • Video Insights
  • Business Reviews

Checkout here the official price!



  • Lifetime access to VideoPeel
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • 100 submissions per month
  • Unlimited users
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Final Word

VideoPeel makes it easy to capture customer feedback, no matter where they are. They can visit your site on their phone or tablet – even if you’re not there! Let your customers show you how much they care.

What are you waiting for? With a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, nothing is holding you back from trying AppSumo now.

Read more about it by going here.

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Have a great trip!


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