Oviond: The Customizable Digital Platform That Makes Marketing Insights Easy

Oviond is a revolutionary new platform changing how marketing data is used and organized. It combines all your marketing data into one easy-to-use interface, giving you valuable insights and automated reports. With Oviond, you can customize your notifications to fit your specific needs, making getting the information you need to make better marketing decisions easy.

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What is Oviond, and how can it help with marketing insights?

Oviond is a fully customizable digital platform that aggregates and organizes all of your marketing data into beneficial insights and automated reviews.

When we claim to give you all your digital marketing data, we mean that if we do it properly. Oviond combines all your clients and platforms into one interface to make managing everything more accessible.

Select the integrations you’d like to view data for from the list of clients or businesses you wish to track.

You can quickly compile a list of all your customers and organize them according to how frequently they use the website. You can even use the search box to enter any customer information you may need to access it quickly.

How Oviond works

Conduct audits using several customizable dashboards to get down to work honestly. Include integration items for customers, or implement one of the numerous templates containing predefined integrations and layouts to save time. Forms can also be changed to incorporate media files and widgets that better fit your company’s workflow.

You can select which dashboards you would like to share, considering your preferences for privacy and ease of collaboration.

The benefits of using Oviond

Integrations: Use your marketing tools from one place to get a more solid return than ever.

Feel like you’re drowning in data? Save time, increase efficiency and show value by getting all of your customers and marketing data into one place. Ubisoft connects to over 40 of your favorite marketing tools, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor and report on your efforts in digital marketing.

-Dashboards: Review all your marketing KPIs in your single resource to save time.

Quickly assemble your digital marketing data and analyze the results visually. Monitor and track your primary digital marketing activities across clients, platforms, and campaigns. Drill down the key metrics and discover what works and doesn’t. Share your custom branded dashboards from your domain with your team and clients or partners.

-Reporting: Immediately quantify the usefulness of your marketing efforts.

Keep clients and stakeholders informed of your progress. Quickly generate reports about digital marketing using one of 120 digital report templates. Automate your information to run every day, week, or month, so keeping track of their progress is a breeze.

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Oviond official Pricing plans.

It comes with three pricing plans

Small Agency, Regular Agency, and Large Agency


  • Up to 20 Clients
  • Cost per Client = $4.95
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Reports
  • White Label
  • Custom Domain


  • Up to 60 Clients
  • Cost per Client = $3.31
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Reports
  • White Label
  • Custom Domain
  • Done For You Migration


  • All Regular Agency features plus;
  • Up to 180 Clients
  • Cost per Client = $2.21
  • Dedicated Account Manage

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AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing plans

One-time purchase of $49 instead $624

  • Lifetime access to Oviond
  • All future Small Agency Plan updates
  • 10 clients
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited user accounts
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In conclusion, Oviond is a fantastic platform that can help you organize and customize your marketing data to get more valuable insights and automated reports. This can help you save time and money while making better marketing decisions. Try out Oviond today and see how it can help your business grow!

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