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It’s difficult to develop a YouTube channel. And, like with many other things, the hardest portion is actually beginning.

It doesn’t matter if you have any subscribers or are just starting. The content is very simple to follow, and if you’re unsure whether YouTube is right for you, go through the whole course.

In the first part, we’ll go through all of the advantages of being a YouTuber, debunking popular misconceptions about starting a YouTube channel and producing videos in the most productive and time-saving manner possible.

In lessons 4 through 7, we’ll divert our attention to content. I’ll show you how to make informative and instructive videos and all the elements that go into creating a successful YouTube channel.

“You’ve inspired me to record and post my first video!” – Matthew E. Boutté

Each lesson is divided into days, allowing you to accomplish the day’s final activity and take action rather than going from one task to the next. You may certainly rush through the material if you like, but keep in mind that recording and publishing are the whole points.

You Can Quickly View What You Will Get From This.

  • An excellent free e-book that goes over some of the fundamentals of developing a successful channel
  • Ali Abdaal provides a series of lessons on how to get started with YouTube as a novice.
  • Sections of lessons broken down into days complement Ali’s courses or standalone resources.
  • Best for: People who want to improve their YouTube presence through a helpful free information source


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Part-Time YouTuber Crash Course

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  • Lifetime access to Part-Time YouTuber Crash Course eBook
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  • 7 lessons on how to successfully get started on YouTube
  • Customizable notion templates
  • Interactive quizzes and homework assignments
  • YouTube resource recommendations from YouTube pros

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