Persona by Delve AI Best AppSumo deal – Data-driven Personas to grow visitor conversion 2022

Technical ability and marketing finesse is required to connect with the appropriate target audience. (Except for the fact that they’re all addressed to, I thought your email campaign was fantastic. [insert name here].”)

Between all of your surveys, interviews, and web analytics tools, you’re rapidly becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information available to you.

What if there was an AI-powered platform that made it simple to conduct thorough market research with a few clicks?

Say hello to Persona by Delve AI.

Quickly Read 4 Points And Get An Idea About Persona by Delve AI.

  • With AI, you may create buyer and competitor personas automatically.
  • Alternative to: Make My Persona by HubSpot, Userforge, and Xtensio.
  • Conduct segmented market research and gain deep, industry-specific insights.
  • Best for: Marketers, agencies, and eCommerce store entrepreneurs who wish to improve audience targeting and enhance the client experience.


Persona by Delve AI allows you to automatically create data-driven buyer personas for your organization and competition with minimal effort.

(You can quickly watch the video to learn about the Persona by Delve AI tool.)

Persona by Delve AI combines first-party and public data sources—as well as artificial intelligence (AI)–to gain a more detailed understanding of your market.

You’ll be able to build data-driven buyer personas with comprehensive, industry-specific insights quickly.

You may also export your analysis in JPG and PDF formats to keep everyone on the same page as you fine-tune your marketing plan.


Create a variety of buyer personas based on data generated from AI-driven research.

You may use Persona by Delve AI to automate market segmentation and refine your audience targeting on the fly with its automatic market segmentation feature.

To profile your personas and understand their goals, Segment automatically categorizes people based on variables like demographics, behavior, and geography.

Then, when you’re finished testing and optimizing your ads for performance and ROI, you’ll be ready to launch a laser-targeted campaign.


To a deeper level, perform automatic market segmentation to understand your target audience better.

You may also extract sample customer journeys to discover consumer trends influencing your decision-making.

Analyze B2C and B2B journeys for each sector to see how consumer behavior impacts your business and improves ROI.

You’ll be able to spot where users drop off and figure out how to enhance your customer journey.

Now, you can stay up to speed on the latest consumer trends by using personas that adapt automatically over time.


Create segmented customer journey maps to assist you in making decisions.

Best of all, By utilizing Persona by Delve AI, you may assess how you stack up against your rivals.

It’s easy to develop competitor personas to learn about their marketing methods and discover new growth possibilities.

Simply input the domain of your competition’s website, and the program will generate data-driven user personas in minutes.


Create competitor personas to discover marketing methods and growth possibilities.

Understanding your clients is critical for expanding your business, but you can’t interview every single one of them. (Hello, could you describe your life in 15 seconds?”)

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Persona by Delve AI Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$79]


  • Lifetime access to Persona by Delve AI
  • Everything Business Standard (Tier 1) or Agency Standard (Tiers 2-3) Plan updates
  • 1 website(s)
  • 15,000 monthly cumulative visitors
  • 15,000 visitors per month historical cumulative data
  • 3-6 live personas
  • 1 live persona filter(s)
  • 2 competitor personas and domains
  • 3 team members

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Final Word

You can now automate your marketing and sales with Persona, an artificial intelligence-powered software that will give you everything to identify potential customers instantly.

Artificial intelligence is used to identify your prospects.

Try it now; don’t worry; AppSumo offers 60 day of money-back guarantee without any question.

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