Power-User for PowerPoint, Excel & Word [FREE AppSumo ]2022

If you’re spending more time on Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint and Excel than you’d like.

Power-user is the productivity add-in that gives you access to dozens of features to automate formatting and supercharge your presentations.

Get your hands on thousands of professional-grade PowerPoint templates, icons, flags, pictures and logos to make slides that’ll knock their socks off.

Create stunning visuals with our new charts and maps, or link your PowerPoint to data for easy updates.

One click, and it’s updated!

Oh, don’t worry about formatting. Power-user includes a plethora of tools to automate producing agendas, converting colors, realigning titles, and much more.

There are handy buttons to optimize even the most basic tasks, such as aligning shapes, swapping their position, stacking them, or positioning them symmetrically.

Power-user also includes tools to clean data and formulas, as well as new helpful Excel functions, for Excel users who may need some help.

Power-user will help you fly through your work so you can spend extra time perfecting those finishing touches that’ll make your presentations unforgettable.

Get 1-year of FREE access to Power-user today!

You Can Quickly View What You Will Get From This.

  • Use automation to improve your presentations and automate the process.
  • PowerPoint templates, icons, flags, pictures, and logos by the thousands
  • Features an array of tools to make formatting chores easier.
  • Helps you work at twice the speed


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Power-User pricing plan[ $0.0 ]

Payment of $0

  • Browse thousands of templates, icons, pictures, logos, diagrams, and maps from the Library
  • Integrate your corporate templates and assets
  • Create robust links between Excel and PowerPoint
  • Create advanced charts like Mekko, Sankey, Tornado, Waterfall, or Gantt
  • Create and update agenda pages automatically
  • Detect and remove inconsistencies to clean the entire presentation
  • Replace colors in bulk
  • Access new Excel functions

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