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Nothing spoils a fantastic speech like your teleprompter breaking away from you. (Ask yourself what your nation can do for you—that’s fast! Perhaps something else.)

Despite having a decent script, you’re still fumbling with scroll speeds and remotes to keep up with most teleprompters.

What if there was a teleprompter that recognized your voice and made it simple to get the ideal take at your own speed?

Say hello to PromptSmart.

Is the overview romptSmart?

With PromptSmart, you can give presentations in precise crystal detail without worrying about the audience reading off of a prompter. It only scrolls when your voice is heard so that every word counts and nothing gets lost!

With PromptSmart, you may take advantage of patented speech-recognition scrolling, which is meant to help you record information in fewer takes.

When you pause, improvise, or go off-script, the VoiceTrack engine will automatically cease scrolling so you can resume where you left off.

The user-friendly, web-based remote control allows you also to send commands to your prompter manually.


You can use voice-tracking technology to stop fumbling with scroll speeds and remotes!

For physical teleprompter rigs, you can invert the text display and use duplicate dicollectionsor multiple cameras with PromptSmart.

When you’re presenting at an online conference, you may put your script behind a semi-transparent window.

What do you want to shoot? Use your phone or tablet as a real-life teleprompter so you can record in any setting.


Invert the text display for physical teleprompter rigs in a professional recording studio.

You may also use PromptSmart to break down your script into parts, allowing you to record many video clips in a single recording session.

It’s simple to modify your script on the go! SiClicknd drags different sections around until you find the ideal flow.

Plus, You can use the platform to keep track of word count, predicted run time, and a concise overview.


You can combine several segments of your script in a single session.

You’ll be able to store your scripts on the PromptSmart website to keep everything in one location.

You may customize your script for readability and emphasis by emphasizing key phrases and providing cues to assist speakers.

Ple VoiceTrack scrolling feature allows you to use the keyboard shortcuts for web-based remote control rather than a mouse or touchscreen.

Thanks to its cross-platform functionality, you may also use the app on any device. You may even download it for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android to view your script on any device.

Have you ever tried to read a script while scrolling through the pages on your phone or tablet? It’s almost impossible, which is why we’re excited about PromptSmart! This app can control voice with remote controls and more – there are no more worries when it comes time for presentations. (I tried thinking of everyone in their birthday suits, but that made it a lot worse.)

Fortunately, with online teleprompters that only scroll when you speak, you may deliver anything confidently.

CoIt could be completed with your own insure.

Get lifetime access to PromptSmart now!

PromptSmart Pricing Plans

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Starter Pack, Team, and Enterprise.

Starter Pack Plan $99.99/Month:

  • Full access to Mobile Plus applications
  • Extended access to old mobile applications (Android Pro, iOS Pro)
  • Remote Displays (no limit)
  • Web Scripts Editing
  • Web Trash
  • Web Profiles editing

Team Plan $99.99/Month:

  • All Starter Pack Featured Included
  • PC Studio Edition
  • Nested folders (up to 10)
  • Remote control

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PromptSmart Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]


  • All features above included
  • One nested folder in scripts
  • One remote control room(s)
  • Unlimited device connections

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Final Word

Manage content in your My PromptSmart customer portal, push updates in real-time, duplicate identical displays view and modify the prompter text from a web-based control room end-to-end encrypted.

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