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It might feel like you’re attempting to recall the secret phrases when determining which keywords to utilize to improve your Google ranking. (It’s either ‘abracadabra’ or ‘please,’ and there is no in-between.)

Between planning and producing interest excitement, you don’t have the time to develop keyword strategies that will get more people reading your work.

What if there was a device that did all the legwork for you, allowing you to produce Google-optimized content and increase organic traffic?

Check out Robinize.

Overview  of Robinize!

Robinize is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that allows you to research and write SEO-optimized content quickly.

You may use the power of AI to research, write, and optimize SEO-friendly content using Robinize.

With one easy tool, you can scrape Google for any term, analyze your top competitors, and receive SEO suggestions to help your content rank higher.

You’ll be able to produce concise reports and organize them on a single easy-to-use dashboard.


Use Google to find keywords and create research reports to enhance your content’s ranking. Get SEO pointers to improve the visibility of your material.

Within a fraction of a second, Robinize displays a list of words and phrases that enhance your content, highlighting them in your text and displays showing any times they’ve been used.

The AI tool is intended to find and filter out the essential terms for Google, allowing you to improve your SEO strategy quickly.

You’ll be able to view content grades and obtain heading recommendations for each keyword.

You may also avoid hurting your site’s ranking by keyword stuffing by tracking the most signify important elevant terms for your content and Google.


A list of relevant keywords for your material and content grades for each term is available to you.

Analyze your data to see what keywords are being searched in your competitors’ cache pages and discover new ways to improve SEO outlines.

By extracting data from Google’s “people also ask” function related to your target phrases, Redline does the legwork for you.

SimplyClickinspiration the” link, and you’ll see a list of additional keywords you can rank for.

You’ll be able to produce more effective headlines, subheads, titles, and meta descriptions. This will save you a lot of time creating SEO-optimized articles.


With statistics on how your audience searches for certain specifics, you’ll be able to create effective SEO outlines.

You may quickly assess content quality, length, and readability with Robinize’s advanced AI.

Our Content Analyzer compares your work to that of your competitors on a simple range of 1–10, allowing you always to know what you’re doing.

You’ll even get advice on making the text more readable and taking it to the next level.


On a scale of 1 to 10, evaluate your contextuality, length, and readability against competitors.

It’s difficult to rank high on Google while creating all of the content yourself if you don’t have time-bending superpowers. (If I drink a lot of coffee, I may feel like the Flash?”)

Robinize uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate your SEO process and provide you with deep insights and recommendations on how to produce more relevant content for search engines.

In no time, you’ll be up to speed with the latest marketing trends.

Get lifetime access to Robinize today!

Robinize Pricing Plans

Start producing high-quality SEO content that aids customers in achieving their objectives and save saves researching.

It comes with three plans;

Basic, Team, and Enterprise

Basic Plan $29/Month;

  • 1 user seat
  • 10 Reports / Month(1.9 dollars per report)

Team Plan $29/Month;

  • 3 user seats
  • 50 Reports / Month(0.98 dollars per report)
  • Premium Support

Check out more pricing and plan

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  • Lifetime access to Robinize Basic Plan.
  • Everything is Basic; Plan Features
  • 15 reports per month
  • 1 user

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Final Word

If you want your website to rank high in Google search results, you need to make sure you’re covering all the topics and keywords related to your chosen phrase. To do this, enter your word into the Google Keyword Planner tool. This will give you a list of related terms and topics and information on how often each is searched for. From there, you can start creating content that covers all the bases, helping you attract organic traffic and boost your ranking in Google search results.

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