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You have an excellent podcast concept, but making it a reality will entail more than you imagined. . (Is your mother available to be the house’s first visitor? And does she have her own microphone?“)

It’s easy to spend more time creating your content than sharing it with listeners while booking guests, preparing interviews, and recording audio—including all of the editing.

But what if you could expand your podcast by tapping into the expertise of others and shaving time spent in production?

Meet Rumble Studio.

Overview of Rumble Studio?

Rumble Studio is a video production software that allows you to conduct remote interviews and create content swiftly.

Whether you’re creating a podcast, conducting job interviews, or gathering testimonials, Rumble Studio makes it simple to record interviews asynchronously.

You may develop a landing page for interviews to ask inquiries and obtain answers in various formats without coding.

Start by using one of the interview templates in the tool, or type your own custom questions via text or audio.

Your interview link may be used to record, upload audio, respond to multiple choice questions, or submit text, photographs, and videos.


Establishing asynchronous interviews and collecting responses via audio, text, and video is simple.

You may use the integrated sharing tools to broadcast your interviews, whether you’re talking to one individual or several individuals at once.

You can encourage people to visit your website by providing links to other pages on social media or via email, and you may even embed interviews on your site. Hence, participants have the option to reply whenever they choose!

Your visitors can automatically record and transcribe an infinite number of audio files, making it simple to review each contribution later.

You may collaborate on interviews with team members and review your work with stakeholders using advanced group permissions, which allow you to access information and files across teams.


You may engage your audience via an invitation link and QR code or by putting them on your website.

Best of all, your dashboard is where you’ll find answers grouped and labeled. You may evaluate, download, mix and match segments from different interviews.

With the help of ‘Rumble Studio,’ you may mix and edit your podcast’s audio files, record or upload an intro and commentary, and add jingles or advertisements.

You may also add automated post-processing to your sounds, such as noise reduction, silence removal, and automatic leveling.

You can use the in-app audio converter to export high-quality audio in WAV and MP3 formats that adhere to industry standards.


You may use your dashboard to review, acquire, or combine segments from numerous interviews at once.

The free version of Rumble Studio enables a variety of white-labeling possibilities. It’s also jam-packed with white-labeling tools, making it simple to provide visitors and clients with a branded experience.

Remove the Rumble Studio logo from the guest interview landing page to add professionalism to your podcast.

Create branding kits with custom logos, color schemes, fonts, and layouts that are consistent across your brand’s messaging.


Customize the user experience by adding custom graphics, typefaces, color palettes, and layouts.

YoYou’lleed a secret weapon to help yours stand out in this dog-eat-dog world. (M” podcast about a TV program about a real-life crime podcast may need some assistance.)

Rumble Studio allows you to capture, record, and edit audio content in a flash, increasing engagement and growing your audience one episode at a time.

With one tool, you may start your podcast.

Get lifetime access to Rumble Studio now!

Rumble Studio Pricing Plans

It comes with three plans;

Basic, Plus, and Advanced

Essential Plan $0/Month;

  • One seat
  • 10 hours export/month
  • Unlimited recording
  • Unlimited transcriptions

Plus Plan $0/Month;

  • 3 seats + team features
  • 50 hours export/month
  • 3 Branding Kits
  • White labeling

Advanced Plan $0/Month;

  • Ten seats + team features
  • 150 hours export/month
  • Onboarding service
  • Phone support

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  • 3 brand kits

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Final Word

Businesses, creators, and agencies may create audio content on a massive scale at Rumble Studios using asynchronous interviews. There are no special abilities required.

What are you waiting for?

Try it now, AppSumo Has 60 days of Money-back Guaranty without any question asked.

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