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After completing a thorough SEO audit all day, you’re probably more inclined towards Eeyore than Tigger.. (Sure, the glass is half full—of my sweat and tears, to be precise.”)

You want to assist your customers in achieving top rankings on search engines, but it’s difficult to provide high-quality SEO reports while simultaneously improving your own position.

There was only one problem: there was no SEO audit toolkit that included white-labeling features and did all of the hard work for you.

Say hello to SERPWizz.

What is SERPWizz?

SERPWizz is an SEO audit toolkit with white-label reporting capabilities for comprehensive, shareable audits.

(You can watch the video to learn about SERPWizz tools quickly.)

SERPWizz instantly performs comprehensive website evaluations and produces reports containing all of the information you need to assess a site’s SEO, usability, and performance.

Make a list of all the critical on-page SEO components, such as title tags, meta descriptions, headers, keyword consistency, internal links, and so on.

You may also analyze technical and off-page SEO elements such as backlinks, page speed, site structure, sitemaps, and indexed pages.

You may also create professional white-label reports and provide them to prospects as PDFs or shareable links


Use the Website Audit tool to conduct in-depth website evaluations to improve your search engine ranking.

You may personalize your white-label SEO reports with your own branding, such as logos, headers, and colors, for a seamless client experience.

Make the audit report more personalized by adding company information such as your business name, email, website, and phone number.

Finally, instead of looking like SERPWizz’s work, these reports will appear to come straight from your team.


With your own branding and company details, produce white-labeled SEO audit reports for clients.

SERPWizz also helps you generate leads. You may improve conversions by including an iframe code on your website that embeds videos, calendars, or anything else.

You may also use the SEO audit tool as a lead magnet! You can collect your prospects’ information after they fill out the form on your website to use for their SEO audit.

From the SERPWizz dashboard, you may review and access all of your SEO audit reports for leads. Nothing should fall through the gaps.

Plus, you may use SERPWizz tools on your website and embed SERPWizz services so that visitors may utilize them independently, such as SEO results, link analysis, and user experience.


To gather data from fresh leads, embed the SEO audit tool on your website.

SERPWizz also makes it simple for you to find out what your website’s top keywords are in a few clicks.

Open the keyword rank tracker and add up to 500 keywords to check organic rankings based on the search engine, country, city, language, and device.

You may connect SERPWizz to any of your favorite applications and build workflows seamlessly using Zapier.

That is a great approach to preparing for an audit. You’ll be able to send fresh data from the audit form, connect with prospects, and set up lead funnels and email marketing campaigns without stress!


To receive organic rankings for your target keywords, add up to 500 keywords to the rank tracker.

If your clients find out that you’re outsourcing your SEO work to other tools, they won’t regard you as an SEO expert. (Don’t pay attention to the watermark; instead, look at me.”)

That’s why SERPWizz offers white-labeling services that allow you to provide your clients with comprehensive SEO audit reports without breaking a sweat.

To your toolkit, add SEO audit reports.

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  • 5 team members
  • 50 audits per day

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The SEO Toolkit is a collection of tools that can help you measure and track your performance.

Create an on-page SEO audit report with white label features on SERPWizz now! Take advantage of our SEO audit tool to learn more about the elements that keep your site running smoothly and your team on track. What are you waiting for?

Try it now; don’t worry; AppSumo offers 60 days of money-back guarantee without any question.

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