SheerSEO lifetime deal on appsumo-Alternative to: Semrush and Ahrefs

A powerful solution for optimizing and analyzing your SEO approach is available with this toolkit (SheerSEO).

With so many SEO tools on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Narrowing down your search is essential if you want a powerful and effective strategy that will help get results for less cost than most platforms offer! The one tool we’ve found worth mentioning in this regard? particularly useful when refining or scoping out an organic campaign: semrushandex

Check out SheerSEO.

What is SheerSEO?

SheerSEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that assists you in analyzing and improving your keyword and link strategies and monitoring your website’s health.

The automated rank tracking in ‘SheerSEO‘ makes it simple to keep track of your Google, Bing, and YouTube search result rankings.

Keyword tracking allows you to gather data from previous campaigns and combine it with new search volumes, average CPCs, and other metrics.

The platform supports most countries’ localization, so you may localize outcomes by country, city, zip code, and even neighborhood.

You may also generate white-labeled PDFs, and CSV reports manually or automatically.

Analyze your website’s search result ranks on Google, Bing, and YouTube and utilizes previous information for your keywords.

The SheerSEO platform helps you track your site’s health progress and benchmarks and compares it against leading competitors.

You can keep tabs on both organic search traffic from Google as well as internal data for keywords that give insights into where they rank best – giving an edge in SEO strategy development!

You can use Ahrefs to track the SEO performance of your rivals, as well as your own website’s SEO health.

With SheerSEO, you can analyze your competitors and the quality of their backlinks to stay on top in search engine rankings. You will be able to check how many outbound links they have compared with yours and what kind those are – whether it’s a citation or trust flow!

It’s time to take your SEO game up a notch! With our link-building software, you can find new and active blog posts that might be relevant in linking with search engines.

Plus, if there are any toxic backlinks harming rankings, then this tool will let them know about it so they can get rid of those pesky negative links fast enough before Google wipes out entire websites due too low-quality content – not something I want happening anytime soon do ya think?

Keep track of the success of your backlinks and those of your competition.

The SheerSEO keyword explorer helps you analyze site content and technical SEO issues by estimating the value of each keyword, as well as providing insights into related keywords.

You’ll also be able to see which sites are ranking for your desired phrases in addition to those that have already been specified!
A key part about being successful on search engines is knowing how they work – especially when it comes down to analyzing webpages or even improving them all together based off data collected through various methods like audits (which we offer)

Analyze the value of your keywords and get keyword suggestions from competing websites.

Your website should not be more difficult to locate than a “cafe-turned-speakeasy” in New York City. (“Look for us between pages 35 and 65 on Google… somewhere in the middle of the page.”)

With sophisticated keyword research, backlink quality assurance, and site health monitoring, SheerSEO empowers you to optimize your SEO and stay on top of the competition.

Develop your SEO strategy.

Get lifetime access to SheerSEO on Appsumo!

Pricing Plans For SheerSEO

Online SEO software that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building.

It comes with tour pricing plans

Standard, Advanced, Pro Thin, and Professional.

Standard Plan $10/month:

  • The Basics
  • 200 Keywords
  • CSV/PDF Reports
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Google Search Console Integ
  • 10 Explorer Reports
  • 2 Site Audits
  • 2000 Pages Crawled per month
  • 20 Guarded Backlinks
  • 2 Optimization Targets
  • 10 Page Optimizations

Advanced Plan $15/month:

  • Everything Standard Plan Features
  • 400 Keywords
  • 50 Blog Reviews
  • 20 Explorer Reports
  • 4 Site Audits
  • 10,000 Pages Crawled per month
  • 100 Guarded Backlinks
  • 2 Poll Now
  • 10 Optimization Targets
  • 50 Page Optimizations

Pro Thin Plan $25/month:

  • Everything Advanced Plan Features
  • 100 Keywords
  • 100 Blog Reviews
  • Competitors Tracking
  • 2,000 Pages Crawled per month
  • 50 Guarded Backlinks
  • 100 Optimization Targets
  • 100 Pages Optimizations.

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SheerSEO Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$75]

With SheerSEO’s advanced keyword research features, you can optimize your SEO and keep tabs on high competitors. Site health monitoring is also included so that we’ll know if there are any issues with the site right away!


  • Lifetime access to SheerSEO Standard Plan
  • Everything Standard Plan Features
  • 1 domain
  • 200 keywords
  • 10 explorer reports per month
  • 2 site audits per month
  • 2,000 pages crawled per month

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What do you think about SEO? You can’t spend your time on complicated tasks and get the best results. That’s why we’ve created SheerSEO, which makes doing keyword research as simple as possible with a few clicks of our mouse! With its easy-to-find interface (it looks just like Google), backlink checking tool that anyone would understand how to use, and even some cool features such as analyzing competitors’ websites or seeing what types of content bring more traffic than others!-there really isn’t much else needed when it comes

down t SEO optimization In conclusion: don

Try SheerSEO Appsumo Lifetime Deal Now.

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