best Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$79] Alternative to: Amazon Influencer Program!

Creating product marketing campaigns might be a time-consuming process. You must constantly consider getting your goods in front of your target audience.

Consider having a tool that allows you to manage your product promotions on a single platform.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  Affiliate marketers, I am Anamul here; we’re talking about’s Appsumo Lifetime Deal, which simplifies the affiliate product marketing process and assists you in increasing sales. Overview

The store is an excellent way to organize your product promotions and monetize them easily! You can easily manage and track the performance of each promotion in real-time as well as send messages promoting new deals or offers via email directly from their platform.

WOW! In comparison to the Amazon Influencer Program, Shopify’s WooCommerce Influencer Marketing is a lot simpler.

The solution for affiliate marketers, influencers, and marketing agencies looking to launch product promotions on multiple channels simultaneously. Shopper allows you to manage your brand’s branded links that help improve discoverability as well as conversions – all within one place! This platform also enables partnered stores to offer discounts through built-in relationships with 25+ popular eCommerce sites like Amazon or Walmart (or others). Features

The POS software allows you to easily track inventory, create purchase orders and generate reports for your store’s promotional items.

Custom Domain

With, you can launch your site with unlimited hosting and a custom domain that reflects who YOU are!
Your website doesn’t have to be all about what other people want it’s more important for us as entrepreneurs to hide our own brand identity by using someone else’

Link Break Alert

When you sign up for Shop,, we’ll notify you when any links on our site are broken or expired so that they can easily be fixed and viewed in your browser without having to search through all the pages of results!

SEO Ready

With Shopper’s help, you’ll be sure to rank at the top of search engines for your niche. They provide high-quality SEO-optimized sites that enrich both shoppers and affiliates alike!


The full analytics of your revenue, clicks, and more can be seen in a single dashboard. You are able to track pixels from services such as Google Analytics or Facebook Marketing Strategy for additional insight on how best to utilize those features with this tool.

You can even see how your affiliate campaign is progressing.


You can use your own domain and custom theme to make more attractive. With Shopper’s easy-to-follow interface, you won’t have any trouble designing the perfect website for yourself or someone else!

25k+ Stores

The auto-monetization function makes money whenever a customer makes a successful purchase from any 25,000+ stores globally.

Click here to learn more about’s features. Pricing Plans is a no-code online store that helps creators and marketers manage and monetize affiliate product discounts.

It’s available in three pricing plans;

Free, Creator, and Plus.

Free Plan $0/month:

  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Unlimited Products
  • .Unlimited Collection

Creator Plan $29.99/month:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • Custom Domain
  • Store Themes
  • Broken link Alerts
  • API Access
  • Users x 3
  • Blog
  • Page Builder

Plus Plan $129.99/month:

  • Everything Creator Plan Features
  • Custom Domain
  • Users x 5

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appsomo discount

Shopper,com Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$79] is the ultimate destination for finding great deals on products your followers want. It’s like an online wish list that grows with every click of a button!


  • Lifetime access to Creator Plan
  • Everything Creator Plan Features
  • 1 Premium store
  • 1 custom domains
  • 3 user accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Unlimited traffic

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Final Remarks is a user-friendly online store where you can easily manage and promote your products! They provide real-time analytics, Free SSLs (securely served), custom themes for any industry or category in mind – even AP access if needed, so no worries there either 😉 And the best part? 25+ stores worldwide just waiting at shopper’s fingertips when they log into their account at www.[domain]

So, what are you waiting for?

Now’s the time to get the Appsumo Lifetime Deal on Sumo.

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