Simpliworks Best AppSumo Plus Deal [$79] One click, start effective Amazon campaigns!

If you’re new to Amazon, increasing your sales may feel a lot like starting up Super Mario Kart for the first time. (Wait, are the bananas or coins supposed to be hit?”)

The fact is that Amazon is a highly competitive advertising platform, and it appears to be necessary to pay-to-play before you can generate any money.

What if you could run high-converting Amazon pay-per-click advertisements with optimized keywords and a low ad spend in just one click?

Say hello to Simpliworks.

Quickly Read 4 Points And Get An Idea About Simpliworks.

  1. In minutes, you can launch PPC campaigns on Amazon that generate sales, improve organic rankings, and maximize ROAS.
  2. Alternative to: and Helium 10
  3. Automate keyword research, campaign creation, and management with a single click.
  4. Best for: Sellers on Amazon, marketers, and agencies that want to scale advertising without increasing operational costs


Simpliworks is a one-click Amazon campaign builder that allows you to deploy agency-level PPC campaigns without technical knowledge.

(You can quickly watch the video to learn about the Simpliworks tool.)

Simpliworks can use the Amazon Ad Console to set up one-click Amazon PPC advertisements. You don’t need any previous campaign data or expertise!

When you copy and paste product ASINs or unique identifiers into the system, they will be added automatically.

The PPC campaign launcher allows you to set up and manage complex search advertising campaigns easily.

Forget about day-to-day campaign management! You have to let the software dynamically optimize bids, collect winning keywords, and eliminate losing keywords.


Automatically add products to the Simpliworks system by using ASINs copied and pasted.

It’s simple to start a campaign. Simpliworks can create one-click campaigns in three stages: multitude campaigns, exploration, and ongoing campaigns and defence.

Using swarm campaigns, The tool can analyze many keywords and determine which ones will provide your campaigns with the best results.

During the constantly-on exploration phase, you’ll come across lower-cost, high-opportunity keywords that are highly relevant to your product.

To discover high-performing keywords and defend your organic rankings against rivals, use the ongoing campaigns and defensive features to exploit opportunities.


Your inventory is rapidly changing, so adapt your marketing to the ever-changing market conditions in your niche.

The platform monitors and optimizes bids for Amazon PPC advertisements to improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

Based on performance, set a budget for your advertising and automatically allocate it across various initiatives.

To discover the best advertising mix that will produce the most conversions, you may utilize a variety of keyword lengths and targeting options.

You may also manage all campaigns from the same dashboard if you have multiple Amazon accounts or storefronts.


To improve ROAS, Simpliworks may manage and optimize bids for one-click campaigns.

There is no need to export spreadsheets and manipulate the data to assess a specific product’s performance.

The Simpliworks dashboard gathers campaign performance on a product level and analyzes the essential metrics.

After you’ve filtered your data, you may compare it to previous periods to evaluate how campaign success has changed over time and which items to promote.

You’ll also be able to see active keyword targets and their associated bid price without lifting a finger.

You can also export all of your campaign data as a CSV to enhance your listings and SEO performance.


View product-level performance data at a glance and quickly change campaign costs on the go.

When you’re running Amazon search campaigns on autopilot, you’ll wish to automate everything else. (Just hold your breath until I can automate my exercise schedule.”)

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  • Unlimited monthly ad spend
  • Unlimited variations
  • 1 stores
  • 5 product families
  • 1 users

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Final Word

Simpliworks takes the hassle out of running a PPC campaign. You can deploy one-click ads, optimize bids based on performance data from your ad campaigns and boost sales without having to do any extra work!

Build your own Amazon empire and be the king of eCommerce!

What are you waiting for? Join AppSumo Plus now and get it for only $79!

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