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Create Instagram and Facebook SocialNowa chatbots and social media postings, all from one location.

As a support professional, it’s easy to sink into the monotony of mundane tasks. It doesn’t have to be this way! You could spend your time doing more valuable work like handling queries or generating leads for customers with ease from any device at any time–and closing sales without ever having to stop working because there is always someone ready, willing, and able when you need them most.

Check out here SocialNowa Chatbot.

What Exactly Is SocialNowa Chatbot?

SocialNowa Chatbot is a great way to automate your social media marketing efforts. It helps you build automated chat flows and engage more leads with this, as well as schedule posts for specific times or days!

SocialNowa Chatbot will take care of your Facebook and Instagram chats for you. It automatically gets the contact details from people who come into contact with it, so that’s just one less thing to worry about! You can also schedule posts in advance or use pre-written responses depending on what best suits each situation – which means more engagement time spent doing things like helping out potential clients instead of having them message back asking where they should send their money

Create a Facebook and Instagram DM automation flow in minutes with the drag-and-drop builder.

The SocialNowa Chabot is an all-inclusive platform that lets you create and manage your social media and eCommerce store. With the drag & drop flow builder or from scratch with templates! You can even integrate Click to Messenger ads for more traffic on their messaging app where prospects ask questions about products they want – just buy it there directly through chat options built into our software (with no hassle).

Discover how to create the ideal chatbot in a jiffy with our library of pre-designed templates!

The chatbot integrates seamlessly with your existing sales and support teams to help them close more deals by answering questions, filling out forms or providing live answers while they’re on the go. This means less time wasted waiting for hold times and increased productivity since you won’t be bogged down working manually one-on-one throughout each day like before!

Live chat is a great way to engage with customers and leads in real-time.

Chatbot marketers are always looking for new ways to stand out from the competition. Luckily, SocialNowa has a free library of videos that will teach you how chatbots can boost sales and make your business more successful! Explore their extensive selection of tutorials on using dashboards or building complex DM flows – they even include tips about what not to do when designing automation so as not to get frustrated easily (I’m sure we all could use some help with this). The best part? You don’t have to pay anything until after

Learn how to use SocialNowa Chatbot’s features by exploring the library of video instructions.

SocialNowa Chatbot is a social media automation tool that can help you scale your business with no-code chatbots. It’s perfect for businesses looking to automate all their essential tasks and streamline workflows, as well as anyone who wants an easy way of managing multiple platforms from one place!

Allow a bot to take the spotlight.

Now you can talk with a SocialNowa Chatbot for as long as you like!

Pricing Plans For SocialNowa Chatbot

Hyperboost Your Lead Generation, Sales, and Customer Support On Automation with SocialNowa Chatbot

There are three different price ranges to choose from.

Nowa Gold, Nowa Platinum, and Nowa Diamond

Nowa Gold Plan: $29/month

✅ 3 Facebook Accounts
✅ 10 Facebook Pages
✅ 10 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
✅ 1 Messenger E-commerce
✅ Unlimited Social Media Posting

Nowa Platinum Plan: $69/month

✅ 10 Facebook Accounts
✅ 50 Facebook Pages
✅ 50 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
✅ 5 Messenger E-commerce
✅ Unlimited Social Media Posting

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Appsumo Starting Plan

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  • All features above included
  • 3 Facebook accounts
  • 10 Facebook pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs
  • 1 Facebook Messenger eCommerce
  • 2 team members
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With SocialNowa Chatbot, you can automate all your tasks and streamline workflows with a simple chat interface. It’s perfect for businesses looking to scale their business without coding!

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