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If you’re sick of your pay-per-click campaigns not performing the way they should, you need to check out SpeedPPC. SpeedPPC is a campaign builder that helps you create hyper-targeted ad campaigns that actually convert. With SpeedPPC, you can target your ads more effectively, resulting in more clicks and more conversions.

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What is SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC is a powerful tool that allows you to create, manage, and optimize your PPC campaigns quickly and easily. With SpeedPPC, you can save time and money by optimizing your campaigns for the best results.

The benefits of using SpeedPPC

SpeedPPC is a great tool for optimizing your PPC campaigns. It allows you to quickly and easily create, test, and optimize your campaigns for better results. SpeedPPC is also great for managing your PPC budgets and tracking your campaign performance. 

Check out why using Speedppc

  1. Scale your PPC campaign developments previously 72,500 hours faster for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
  2. Decrease your paid-per-click costs by confining your campaign to tiny, tightly focused single theme (and keyword) ad groups.
  3. To increase profits and decrease click costs, your conversion rate and click rate must be increased.

8 Reasons Why You Need SpeedPPC In Your Life

  • Build Campaigns *Much* Faster

You don’t have to be a large team or have a lot of time to take advantage of manual PPC campaigns. All you require is a bit dynamism from SpeedPPC. Create more profitable campaigns in less time.

  • Get More Traffic at Lower Costs

SpeedPPC built highly relevant, tightly targeted ad campaigns to get better click-through rates and higher Quality Scores. This means you pay less money per click, so you can then buy more traffic for the same budget.

  • Increase Conversion Rates

The stronger the link between the primary keyword in the text and the landing page, the higher your conversion rates will be. SpeedPPC’s ability to automatically detect this provides a straightforward and fast solution.

  • Improve Click-Through Rates

Clearly, if your text is very related to your key words, your click-through rates will go up, which also implies your costs will go down.

SpeedPPC makes this an actuality by creating tiny ad groups based on very precise keywords and comparable ads.

  • Drive Up Quality Score

SpeedPPC offers automated tools to help you create advertisements and landing pages that closely match the needs of your target audience.

Google gives you a premium score for your ads, higher ad prices and lower costs.

  • Target Long-Tail Keywords

Stop starting your search with a long-tail word. Take out your sniper rifle and zero in on long-tail keywords.

You’ll clean up often with better ad copy that exactly matches each and every long-tail keyword.

  • Expand New Converting Keywords

Keywords are crucial to any marketing campaign.

At any particular time, many people are missing out on good traffic and future profits by not bidding on all the keywords we should bid on.

SpeedPPC supplies you with tools to conduct 7 different keyword and competitor research campaigns.

  • Competitor Account X-Ray Vision

Hoping to find out your competitors’ bidding strategy? Would you like to see which keywords they are bidding on?

Unfortunately, we can’t do that exactly, but we could do something very close.

Our competitor analysis tools are designed specifically to monitor 120,000,000 keywords across 46,000,000 domains, offering the information you need.

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Let’s talk about Official Pricing and plans and the AppSumo Lifetime deal price below;

Speedppc - price

SpeedPPC official Pricing plans.

It comes with two pricing plans

Pro, And Agency


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Builds
  • Unlimited Campaign Spend
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Ads
  • No Campaign Size Restrictions
  • Google Ad Campaigns
  • Microsoft Ad Campaigns
  • 13 Different Ad Tokens
  • Campaign Collaboration
  • Version History & Rollback
  • 3 users
  • Research Add-on: $30 p/m


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Builds
  • Unlimited Campaign Spend
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Ads
  • No Campaign Size Restrictions
  • Google Ad Campaigns
  • Microsoft Ad Campaigns
  • 13 Different Ad Tokens
  • Campaign Collaboration
  • Version History & Rollback
  • 50 Users
  • Research Add-on: $100 p/m

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AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing plans

One-time purchase of $49 instead $1,188

  • Lifetime access to SpeedPPC
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • 1 user(s)
  • 500-lifetime research and AI tool credits (one credit = one report)
  • 1 admin per account
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited campaign spend
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited ads
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SpeedPPC – Summary

In conclusion, SpeedPPC is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to create targeted ad campaigns that actually convert. It’s easy to use and highly effective, making it a great choice for any online marketer.

Read more about it by going here.

If you want to free resources, then go there

For further WordPress tips and tools, check out our blog posts here.

Have a great trip!

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