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Entrepreneurship is one of the most gratifying ways to earn a living, but all of the uncertainty may be daunting, especially when you’re starting out.

Navigating # Without the appropriate assistance, it might be difficult to navigate the many phases of launching an app and commercializing it, as well as testing your MVP and discovering your first clients.

Luckily, If you’re planning on quitting your day job for a second career as a full-time entrepreneur, we’ve compiled an easy lesson plan to assist you to make the leap.

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The AppSumo blog, Take the Leap, is a guide to launching and operating a full-time work-from-home business.

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In Take the Leap, you will find out how to discover novel concepts for your business that are founded on your particular skills and expertise.

As part of this course, you’ll learn how to build and test your minimum viable product (MVP) to ensure that your concept has legs before diving in.

With relatable examples and supplemental resources throughout, it’s easy to see how others have used the same steps to create successful businesses.

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If you’re feeling lost and helpless because you have no sales or marketing background, don’t worry! This guide will show you the way.

Even if you don’t have a large budget or many contacts, learn how to discover your first five customers in four easy ways.

You’ll also find out about the dangers and benefits of establishing your own company, so you can make informed judgments that are appropriate for you.

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Not only will Take the Leap teach you how to build your MVP, but it will also show you what to do after selling it to 5 customers in order to maintain a consistent business.

Below are the four most regular methods employed by side hustlers who eventually become full-time creators.

Plus, you’ll learn how to anticipate and plan for the obstacles side hustlers most often face, so you can be ready for anything.

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You can’t solely rely on your instincts to run a business; this is why you must make difficult choices.

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Take The Leap: From Side Hustle to Full-time Creator ebook


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  • 27-page ebook detailing how to make a full-time career out of your side hustle
  • Profitable side hustle ideas
  • Actionable steps for monetizing a side hustle
  • Marketing tactics
  • Four paths to move from part-time to full-time entrepreneur
  • Small business best practices
  • Most common challenges (and how to avoid them)
  • Breakdown of benefits for going full-time with your business idea

Final word

Take The Leap is a comprehensive manual on how to convert your side gig into a full-time job that has been written by those who work with successful entrepreneurs every day.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Part-Time Creator.

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