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If you useTelios, you can feel like a digital doomsday prepper with all the information being exposed online. Your emails might be safe, but what about other sensitive data that you share on regular basis? There are only so many VPNs and encrypted email services out there to keep up in this increasingly dangerous world of ours! But wait—there’s an answer: Send transactional or personal info risk-free through one service which guarantees maximum security while also protecting ownership of each message sent.

What is Telios?

Telios is a decentralized, encrypted email platform that allows you to maintain complete control of your data while maintaining the security of sensitive information.

Telios is a revolutionary new way to email without relying on third parties. Secure all of your data, even down the metadata so ,you can keep both contents and destination private! You have total ownership and control over this communication because only the sender/recipient will be able to access it – no one else gets their hands dirty with your business emails eit,her good or bad thoughts alike
or spammy trap viruses


Use a peer-to-peer network to send and receive end-to-end encrypted communications.

From the mobile app, you may manage your different aliases and inboxes to keep up with your emails on the move. You can also attach files as large as you want since Telios does not limit file size. The only capacity restriction is the amount of space available on your hard drive!


Manage your aliases and inboxes on the move with the Telios mobile app.

With Telios, you can store all your data locally and have encrypted backups to which only YOU hold the keys. No internet connection is required!
It’s easy with this cloud storage service– just push a button on an app or use our browser plugin so anytime there’s anything worth saving it will be saved for eternity right inside YOUR brain; think about what would happen if someone else got their hands on these important files?


Using an insecure email provider is akin to entrusting Catwoman with the keys to your safe. (“Everything has been lost.”)

You may use Telios to send end-to-end encrypted emails over a decentralized peer-to-peer network while also keeping data on your devices.

Keep your information private.

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Telios Pricing Plans

Keep your privacy first with services and products that ensure user’s data privacy with Telios. Experience this new kind of secure, private, and decentralized storage.

It comes with four Plans.


Basic Plan $0/month:

  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited On-Device Storage
  • Unlimited Emails In-Network
  • 100 Emails daily out of the Network
  • Send up to 2GB in Network
  • 1 Namespace
  • 5 5 Aliases

Starter Plan $3/month:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • 5GB Cloud Backup
  • Unlimited Emails In-Network
  • 500 Emails daily out of the Network
  • Send up to 2GB in Network
  • 1 1 Namespace
  • 10 Aliases

Premium Plan $5/month:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • 25GB Cloud Backup
  • Unlimited Emails In-Network
  • Unlimited Emails out of Network
  • Send up to 5GB in Network
  • 10 Namespace
  • 50 Aliases
  • Priority Support

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Telios Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$59]

End-to-end encrypted emails are provided by Telios, which runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer network.


  • Lifetime access to Telios Premium Plan
  • Everything Premium Plan Features
  • 25 GB cloud storage
  • 5 email aliases
  • 1 namespace
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Final Word

Telios provides easy-to-use email service with utmost security and control, making it the perfect solution for any company looking to grow.

Last but not least, Telios will be able to collaborate while preserving their privacy; furthermore, no third-party intermediaries can collect or share information about you without your knowledge!

With these features included in every plan – which means they offer even more protection against surveillance by employers or other third parties-is, clear why so many people choose this platform over others on the market today.

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