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Like most people, you likely have difficulty keeping track of your schedule. You might forget necessary appointments or miss out on opportunities because you can’t find a free slot in your calendar. TidyCal is a new scheduling solution aiming to make managing your calendar easier and get more bookings. TidyCal lets you see your schedule at a glance, quickly add recent events, and find open slots for new appointments.

Meet with TidyCal.

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What is TidyCal?

TidyCal is a new scheduling solution that changes how people manage their calendars and get more bookings. TidyCal makes it easy to see your upcoming appointments, schedule new arrangements, and cancel or reschedule appointments. With TidyCal, you can also set reminders for yourself or others so you never miss an important meeting or deadline. TidyCal is perfect for busy professionals who want to control their time and get more out of their day. Try TidyCal today and see how it can help you manage your calendar and get more bookings.

How does it work?

Offer multiple free and paid meeting options.

TidyCal’s API and Zapier integrations give you numerous ways to run your schedule more efficiently when you use TidyCal. Sync your calendars, so everything is up-to-date across Google, Apple, and Microsoft Office.

You can generate automated meeting hyperlinks using the Zoom and Google Calendar integrations. Plus, if you’re offering classes or advisory services, you will accept payments through Stripe and PayPal before the meeting begins!

TidyCal’s calendar, payment, and workflow integrations.

TidyCal can help you easily create online booking links and share your entire booking page or individual appointment types on your website. Once you’ve received them on your phone call, you can pitch and convert your visitors into paying customers with minimal effort.

Embed a booking page widget right on your website 

TidyCal quickly collects all the essential info you need about appointments right when they’re made. Systemize your page to require a series of questions before confirming the booking, so you’re ready to review it ahead of time. Once the meeting is confirmed, TidyCal will promptly send out an email to all attendees.

You and your client will be able to reschedule or cancel your meeting whenever you choose with ease.

Collect info and modify appointment details.

One of the significant benefits of email end-to-end encryption is that coordinating between calendars and time zones is no longer necessary. (How long will Boyz II Men show me I’m their true love? )

Benefits using TydyCal

TidyCal provides everything you need to manage your bookings and translate prospects into paying customers. Take control of your schedule with TidyCal, which allows you to manage all your calendars in one place.

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  • Custom redirect URL
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TidyCal is an easy-to-use scheduling solution that makes it easier to manage your calendar and get more bookings. With TidyCal, you can keep your schedule organized and streamlined, making it simpler and faster to book appointments. Give TidyCal a try today to see how it can help you take control of your schedule!

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