Two Minute Reports for Google Data Studio Appsumo lifetime deal $69

Two Minute Reports with you can use one solution to create, manage, and monitor all of your marketing campaigns while also analyzing key metrics across them.

You want to be able to make sense of all the data, but you don’t have time for it.
You’re looking solution that gives Google’s scalable and secure Data Studio platform–and keeps them automated!

You spend more time pulling information from different platforms than actually analyzing it. Wouldn’t you like to have the power of Google’s scalable, secure Data Studio at your disposal? With just one click on this integrated solution—powered by AI and machine learning technology!–you can easily extract insights into what is happening in any part or all aspects within an organization without having hours’ worth of staff sitting behind computers clicking away!

Two Minute Reports Overview

It’s a web-based analytics tool that makes it easier than ever to create, deliver, and analyze quick reports. Through interactive reports, you may utilize It’s a self-service analytics platform that helps you monitor campaigns and obtain real-time insights with Simple Reports.

Two minute reports let you visualize key business metrics with interactive, comprehensive reports that inform healthy decision-making. You’ll be able to analyze data and monitor real-time insights using a range of customizable dashboards for monthly, weekly or daily monitoring. Rather than juggling multiple tools inconveniently across different platforms; you can centralize all your company’s information in one place so it is easy to access at any point during the day – even when away from work!

Visualize important measures with easy-to-customize, shareable interactive analytics reports.

Your dashboard takes the guesswork out of reporting with tools that automatically combine data from Google Ads, Facebook ads, and more. Get detailed measurements on your cost per action or page views so you can keep track while also being able to break down performance by month in order for faster analysis
Rethinking metrics

Combine data from various sources to produce comprehensive reports, including Shopify and Google Ads.

With Two Minute Reports, you can access metrics that matter most to your business right away. With a growing list of professional templates and easy-to-use tools like filters or charts; creating deep insights for any style has never been easier! You’ll be able to create reports quickly tailored to exactly how YOU want them using our quick start guide

Quick-start templates that may be modified and reused for deep insight right away are a great place to start.

With Two Minute Reports, you can share interactive dashboards with external stakeholders and grant users limited or full permission. You decide how long they see real-time data updates and what format(s) the report will be sent out in (links/embeds). There are multiple ways of distributing these reports, including automated emails that send at set times each day; downloadable password-protected PDF documents if preferred – all via short URL, which also allows viewers to modify when it’s delivered next time!

Share information with internal and external stakeholders and control who has what degree of access.

When you’re bouncing between ten applications to collect huge amounts of raw data and don’t know what to do with it, it’s easy to wonder whether technology is really on your side. (“Hey, some ‘smart’ phone you have there.”)

gives you interactive dashboards that track key metrics across all of your marketing channels, so you can make informed decisions.

Examine the most important statistics.

Get lifetime access to Two Minute Reports today!

Checkout official Pricing & Plans

Infographics and other simulations are a few clicks away.

It comes with five pricing plans;


Lite Plan $7/Month:

Access all Data Sources
1 User
2 Data Sources
2 Accounts per Data Source

Basic Plan $24/Month:

Access all Data Sources
2 Free Users
10 Data Sources
10 Accounts per Data Source

And check out more Plans for the official Site

Or: You can get the Two Minute Reports on appsumo deal for $69.00!

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Appsumo Starting Plan

  • Lifetime deal, purchase only for $69.00 instead of $202.00
  • All features above included
  • 3 users
  • 5 data sources
  • 5 accounts per data source

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With the Two Minute Reports platform, you can create and publish reports in just two minutes. The data is always up-to-date with live insights for your campaigns so that no one ever has to wonder what’s happening behind closed doors! if you like to read more product details, click here

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