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Vumu is a video creation and engagement platform that enables organizations to create engaging videos for large-scale outreach campaigns. With Vumu, you can easily create videos, track interactions, and measure the impact of your outreach campaigns. Try it today and see its difference in your organization’s communications.

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What is Vumu?

You may improve reply rates and close more deals with Vumu by building bespoke video messages for your outreach efforts.

Connect your webcam, start sharing your screen, and hit the RECORD button. You may even use previously recorded videos in any project!

To edit, customize, and send video messages on demand, capture all your video material in one spot.


Vumu is the perfect tool for recording, editing, and sharing personal video messages that will resonate with your target audience.

Your video material will stand out in any inbox and capture viewers’ attention within seconds with Vumu’s strong editing capabilities.

It’s straightforward to personalize movies with the advanced built-in editor, whether you’re a video editing novice or a seasoned pro.

You can with Proof create content that will engage your audience using captions, text, animations, backgrounds and music.


With Vumu, you can easily create engaging videos for your target audience.

Vumu also enables you to create targeted landing pages to show your material and develop more leads in your funnel.

With over 150 templates to choose from, you can create web pages without a single line of code to host your videos.

You can also customize every image preview to make sure your email subscribers and followers click through to your site.


Convert more leads and increase your return on investment by building targeted landing pages displaying videos.

Vumu’s most outstanding feature is that it allows you to keep track of customer information and interactions on a single platform.

With details about your firm and prospects, like names, addresses, and product pictures, you may now personalize your outreach.

You can choose who sees your content by designing simple landing pages, or sharing videos through email, social media, and URL.

With the Zapier integration, you can tie all of your marketing funnel tools together. You may connect anything that drives sales in your funnel—from email marketing software to your preferred CRM—to the platform.


With Loom, you can easily share your video creations through email, social media platforms, or by copying and pasting the URL. You can also embed your videos on landing pages for maximum impact.

When you personalize your outreach, getting all of your prospects to react is like shooting fish in a barrel. (“And I didn’t even have to use my custom Harry Potter wand or anything!”)

Vumu lets you launch tailored video content and landing pages for every lead in your outreach campaign faster than ever.

Capture more leads with video-based outreach.

Get lifetime access to Vumu today!



  • Lifetime access to Vumu
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • 150 videos
  • 25 GB storage
  • Unlimited impressions per month (image and landing page personalization)
  • 1 user(s)
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Vumu – Conclusion

Conclusion paragraph: Have you ever wished there was an easier way to send personalized video messages instead of spending hours editing them on your computer? Well, look no further! Vumu is a powerful new tool that lets you easily record, edit, and share video messages.

This could be the perfect solution for your next outreach campaign. Want to learn more? Check out our AppSumo.

Read more about it by going here.

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Have a great trip!


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