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If you work in a content writing business, you know the hard part about getting good search rankings on Google. Thankfully the Internet offers numerous tools to make your content more effective. It is a well-developed SEO tool written by writerZen. WriterZen offers you the tools to find your niche, conduct content research, and exceed the competition.

Meet with WriterZen

What is WriterZen?


WriterZen is an AI-based Content Creator tool that solves writing blockages. The application is simple yet efficient and allows for faster writing of content and improving the rankings on Google. It was launched in 2018 in South Asia, and the slogan was Better Keyword Search and Content Creation.” This new software was created by a company that aims to provide content creators with a more accessible and safer way of generating content. WriterZen provides authors with ideas for new subject areas, new angles for existing subject areas, and new words for existing phrases.

WriterZen: By Content Developers & For Content Developers

WriterZen offers a unique tool for content creators, bloggers, and marketers. It features several useful features and can be used as part of an overall content development workflow. WriterZen offers several useful functions for generating and sharing the right content for your target audience. This software helps optimize your content for media outlets and search engines to boost your content visibility and reach. WritingZen helps businesses simplify and improve their website development processes with a single platform for easy content development.

Pros & Cons of WriterZen


  • Topic discovery is made easier
  • Insights on keywords
  • A.I. writing assistant
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Built-in plagiarism checker


  • A.I. writing assistant supports only the English language
  • Cost per click does not support multinational currencies
  • Test keywords only at the country level

WriterZen features

WriterZen is software for generating and managing content in search engine results. It’s your first user interface when you sign in to WriterZen. You will be able to find all the tools to write content. Let me explore and compete in this Detailed WriterZen Reviews 2022. To use these services, a user needs to first log onto WriterZen. This feature helps reduce errors while creating content. WriterZen is a complete SEO tool that enables you to write a great article and improve search results on Google.

The list of Features:

  • Find best keywords
  • Create topic clusters
  • Detailed keyword explorer
  • Automated competitor content analysis
  • Uncover New Content Ideas
  • Find the best content headlines
  • Forecast estimated revenue for a keyword
  • AI-Based writing assistant
  • Automated content outline
  • Utilize Competitor Knowledge
  • Built-in plagiarism checker

Keyword Explorer

WritenZen - Keyword Explorer

A search engine optimization system is useless without a keyword analyzer. In this review by WriteRzen, we present very effective keyword search tools. Writerzen displays an extensive list of relevant keyword search phrases and insights with a high search engine ranking. This keyword report shows search volume, related keywords, and a golden ratio that can help determine potential opportunities to rank in search results. Users can begin searching the web using keyword phrases, domain names, and wildcards.


Tell me the difference in writing tools. Yeah, that’s nice. There are lots. It is highly recommended that you give it another go. It will significantly change your search engine optimization workflow. WriterZen said they are moving into the content creator role and focusing all their efforts on keyword searches and relevant keywords. I like these keyword research tools the most. There’s a unique feature that most software doesn’t, and if they develop it rapidly, it will increase the user base quickly.

Build Topical Authority

WriterZen enables you to create a niche for your site by helping you choose a group of subjects related to a specific topic. The platform allows you to develop an extensive place when you use related topics to depict your website or blog as an expert in a particular subject.
The framework may be accumulated for raising the rank of a visitor and also for making use of Google bot demands that happen to be mentioned to consumers. The topics can be utilized for creating a website structure, which helps raise search engine visibility and ultimately results in your victory in Google SERP.

The related topics can be used as hyperlinks with the keywords.
The WriterZen competitor analysis feature, while populating your posts with items from your niche, can also be used to access, rank, and cite the top 100 topics related to your chosen keywords.
This is incredibly helpful for establishing a website filled with a niche topic, making it imperative in your industry that Google’s ideas are ranked in advance. This information can also be used to produce web content that occupies the top spots of the pages of sites that are already rated high by Google.

WriterZen further develops its user base by helping to end the obstructive spree of writer’s block through analysis of the Google Suggest Database.
This feature can aid the attainment of the user goal without costing excessive research time. It is possible to find content gaps in Google Suggest Insights, which can help to understand and then deliver the content by first identifying it.

Pieces The Content Together

Once the user learns the topics, keywords, and additional information, WriterZen can be used to create an outline from its SEO-optimized editor.
Suppose you want to rank your website and discover the elements that make for a successful website. In that case, competitor analysis is a thing that will be done by extracting the keywords and determining winning characteristics through the analysis provided by the search engine rating of the top 20 URLs.

The editor of WriterZen is also beneficial in providing the material that users will relish. Also, the editor is highly user- and robot-friendly and assists you in generating material that Google will readily comprehend.
At the end of each process, you end up creating content that is both liked by readers and search engine crawlers.
Working on a single piece of content requires teamwork if we aim to expand our website.
WriterZen helps collaboration because it allows teams to coordinate workflow effortlessly without being held accountable for each of their accounts.

WriterZen Ai Writing tool

WriterZen has an AI-powered Write Well writing assistant. This individual helps the writer execute their job by supplying them with titles, descriptions, and unique titles.
The writing editor can help the writer comprehend their particular producing style that might be applied to making content with comparable quality and tone.

More than 60 pre-defined A.I. templates exist on the platform to make it simpler and quicker to generate content.
For instance, the outline function can facilitate exploring the content structure of a report and then organizing its ideas into a logical sequence.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZent offers seven free days to customers. Its pricing differs from monthly or yearly plans, and its monthly plans are surprisingly expensive compared to an annual plan—Basic Plans: Perfect for a single user who manages one of these tasks. I have fewer supplementary options. The price starts at $39. – $ monthly. -$59. – $ Monthly with a 30% discount. Standard plans are the most popular plans and can accommodate small teams working across multiple projects.

Basic plan

  • Keyword lookup / day- 50
  • Keyword credits / month-25,000
  • SERPs overview Ahref data
  • Insights segmentation
  • Export function
  • Golden Keyword Filtering
  • Sales per keyword simulation (ESKP)
  • Content Creation Tool
  • Topic Discovery
  • Keywords import – 3000
  • Plagiarism Checker

Standard plan

  • Everything in Basic
  • Keyword lookup / day-75
  • Keyword credits / month- 40,000
  • Content briefs- 70
  • A.I Credits- 30
  • 75 Topic Look up / day
  • Keywords import – 7000

Advanced plan

  • Everything in Basic and Standard
  • Keyword lookup / day- 150
  • Keyword credits / month- 100,000
  • Content briefs- 150
  • A.I Credits- 100
  • Topic Look up / day- 150
  • Keywords import – 12,000

Plagiarism checker tool

The Writerzen plagiarism checker ensures that your material does not include grammatically incorrect information on the site. Writeszen plagiarism check software can quickly identify what phrases are copied from other articles. Especially if you’re using the A.I. writer tools, you should check for plagiarism. Make some editing before you post the book.

Content creators

Writingzen’s primary purpose is to produce excellent content. Writer Zen allows you to create search results using personal writing or A.I. It’s straightforward to write content with Writerzen. Content developers must register the outline, search for semantic keywords for the article, and begin the content writing process.

Who is WriterZen for?

Is WritingZen an excellent tool to match your writing to a similar article optimized for page ranking by Google? WriterZen provides many other services for writers to create article outlines, including keyword generation.


If you don’t want WriterZen or want an alternative, you should try these: – Jasper AI (writing tool) – WordHero (writing tool) Ahrefs (keyword research software). – SurferSEO (word-searching tool).

Who is WriterZen best for?

Writer Zen targets bloggers and search engine optimization primarily. I don’t know how many A.I. writers are available on this website for selling online. WriterZen targeted at SEO writers.


Search engines not as advanced as Ahrefs: – The lack of competitor analysis – The absence of backlink: a content developer nowhere close.

What types of support does WriterZen offer?

WriterZen gives you access to several articles explaining how to use the various tools and services offered by the software. You might need to communicate with the support team via email if you have difficulty.

  1. Email Support
  2. Tutorial Videos & Documentation
  3. Forum & Ticket

Platforms Supported

  • Windows: Supported
  • macOS: Supported
  • Web-Based, Cloud: Supported
  • iPhone / iPad: Supported
  • Android: Supported

How does WriterZen work?

WriterZen software is a way of creating unique content for your blog. It also supports keyword research in helping people to find phrases that can be included in sentences. It will give your website an easier way to get found by search engines. The software uses keyword analysis directly from Google to calculate the volume of search traffic. I can’t determine if they use an even better tool. It will be interesting to see how this goes down.

How do I start writing on WriterZen?

Get started with WriterZEN. After logging in, your login page will appear. You can then use any of this software. If you are starting up your blogging career, I recommend starting with the Topic Discovery Tool because you can find interesting topics for your blog and prevent yourself from procrastinating. You can type in your blog topic first and wait for WriterZen to create a cluster of your keywords like below.


WriterZen is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create the ideal content for their business. With its complete writing assistant and SEO analysis capabilities, WriterZen will help you to create content that is both informative and optimized for search engine ranking. So why wait? Get started today and see the difference WriterZen can make to your business.

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